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Dark Eldar: Mark of Nurgle

I got few letters asking me to draw Dark Eldar falling to Chaos, I found idea very interesting. Sorry if i didn't reply i read all your letters and really appreciate your kind words and support.
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May 6, 2014, 3:21:15 PM
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I'd imagine many DEldar in high positions falling to Tzeentch.

Twisted political machinations and a lot of backstabbing.
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I won't be too surprised if a large proportion of the Dark Eldar were to throw in their lot with Nurgle, especially after the appearance of the Ynnari. Nurgle after all is a far more well established god of death and rebirth than Ynnead and as such, may have the power to protect Haemonculi cell samples from Ynnead's magicks. Other perks of siding with Nurgle include: getting to witness the greatest torture show in the multiverse-- Nurgle's experimentation on Isha; receiving endless cycles of interesting deaths (by inventive plagues of course) followed by rebirths, protection against Slaanesh, which can allow dark eldar access to the Warp and bring an end to the Thirst; free pain engines  in the form of rot flies; and finally, the ability to take revenge on Slaanesh and dump him/her into Nurgle's toilet! Dark Eldar followers of Nurgle would be led by Nurgle-worshipping Haemonculi and armed with swords made of wraithbone alloyed with Nurgle's own dried pus and capable of killling Keepers of Secrets with mere scratches in addition to their usual weaponry. The most powerful of the Nurglite Haemonculi would merge their subrealms to Nurgle's mansion as additional rooms and compete with Great Unclean Ones like Ku'gath in developing the most virulent and incurable plagues.

By the way, there is another video game universe, Sword of the Stars, which is increasingly influenced by Warhammer 40,000. Some of the races in that universe include the Zuul, who are marsupial but resemble a cross between orcs and Dark Eldar; Liir, who are immortal, telepathic, and telekinetic space dolphins who can manufacture various goods using telekinetic "singing" and are for the most part pacifists; and the Suul'ka, who are are evil Liir Elders, one of whom just happens to be an expert at biowarfare and genetic engineering, almost like a cross between a daemon prince of Nurgle and a Haemonculus Ancient. In fact, I even made up a fanon Dark Liir race which you could check out on my homepage.

By all accounts, an interesting concept and one that hopefully becomes canon. Hopefully, Urien Rakarth will team up with Papa Nurgle and finally bring a putrid end to She Who Thirsts.
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Dark Eldar love to humiliate. What foe wouldn't feel that way getting pwned by the fidget spinner army?
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Or to experience the ultimate and literal gross-as-hell rollercoaster ride-- get eaten by Slaanesh to experience indescribable agony and ecstacy, then get puked or diarrhea'd out as a very cunning and deadly plaguebearer all while being tuned in to Slaanesh's suffering.
"Hi Eldar!"
"What in the Warp do you want, Death Guard?!"
"Oh, nothing much, just wanted to mention how Isha totally got rescued from Slaanesh by Nurgle and currently lives under his protection."
"Well, I've gotta get going now. Got some plagues that need to be spread!"

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I can actually see this happening. The Death Guard and other Chaos Space Marines devoted to Nurgle might be bloated monsters of rot and disease, but an Eldar who was desperate enough or had fallen deep enough into despair would probably be terrifying. He/She might be totally mummified under the armor, and like how normal DE have to feed on others pain, this Nurglish DE might have to consume others life force like a space vampire or revenant.
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Heh, I've adopted the concept of a Dark Eldar/Eldar Nurgle army quite a while already. And it's been serving me rather well. It's a shame I just started out with 40k when I originally painted the models and converted the vehicles, because this fits the aesthetic sooo much better! ;)
I'll stick what I have with now, but my compliments Beckjann. Watching art made on Nurgly Eldar of any kind is thrilling and I can't help but appreciate it.
...Mind you, of all the Chaos gods, I'm fairly certain Nurgle would be the god most Eldar would be the most prone to falling to, plenty of reasons for that of course.
Anyway! Great job at it! *Looks at army frowningly*
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wow i just love your Nurgly Eldar they are totally BA , well then this pic is special for you :)
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My 2 favorite aspects of W40k combined, nnnnnice.
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Interesting concept, all the elegance that even Dark Eldars show up in its own twisted way, getting ruined by Nurgle's lovely gifts :). Awesome job, as usual.
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Don't forget though that Nurgle managed to torture Mortarion so badly that even he begged for a death that did not come! Also, Nurgle can provide free pain engines in the form of rot flies and the destroyer plague and any Nurgle-aligned Dark Eldar, if sufficiently privileged, may get to witness and/or participate in Nurgle's experiments on Isha. Nurgle may also help certain anti-Slaanesh Haemonculi arrange for Slaanesh to get a bad case of food poisoning so (S)he can puke/shit out the Eldar souls and in so doing, resurrect the ancient Aeldari Empire in a supremely putrid form. 
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Dark Eldar wearing fidget spinners... scary.
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Thank you!!! ^_^
More of these please!
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Thus proving an Eldar can't get bloated ;)

Like it a lot, great incorporation of Nurglite elements without losing the Eldar identity.
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O.o never saw a Nurgle Eldar... is cannon or possible ?
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I suppose Nurgle would be able to protect them from Slaanesh. He is the only Chaos God that truly values his worshippers.
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You actually are right on that, Slaanesh do it in its own way too but Nurgle embrace anyone.
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There are a few Eldars that have thrown away their pride to serve Slaanesh, hoping for mercy from her, but I haven't heard anything about the other 3 gods.
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Or He :P, never heard of that either, i know that Dark Eldar even if they look Slaaneshy they are actually not at all since they don't wordship the chaos god while doing all the torture. Thanks for the info :)
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The fairly recent book Path of the Archon has a wych who falls to khorne, more than one archon serving tzeentch, and mandrakes serving both tzeentch and nurgle. Chaos gets everywhere, even into the dark city.
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"Hey Slaanesh, look what I got."
"WTF Nurgle?! That's my food!"
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