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Dark Eldar: Lelith Hesperax 2

references from :iconmjranum-stock:
Highly recommend for everyone!

Updated July 08 - 2014

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Jul 7, 2014, 3:42:45 PM
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Amazing anatomy!! Her slightly webbed fingers look exotic!!
123456789JD's avatar
"You punched me in the face Mon-keigh............and it hurt...........I like you. Come play with me" Heart 
BikerCat666's avatar
Amazing! I love Lelith! :D
Jeova0sanctus0unus's avatar
Half of me is like
And that other part is like.
Please Touch me...
I am a strange guy.
Jeova0sanctus0unus's avatar
that moment when you realize you just made a big fat mistake.
FreelancerNorth's avatar
Honestly, she's the perfect combination of savagery, beauty, elegance and killer instinct. You couldn't ask for a more perfect ally, or a more frightening adversary.     
BaronSathonyx's avatar
I liked that art so much, that I even made a tatoo. Hope you don't mind and thanks for such a cool picture :)…
Beckjann's avatar
Baron, this is such an honor, wow!!!
CptStrider's avatar
She is sexy yet utterly terrifying.

Lelith: "So... you managed to actually hit me? That is certainly a considerable achievement that deserves a reward. Come closer..."

Me:"... I have the weirdest boner right now" 
FreelancerNorth's avatar
*Pats your shoulder* Getting a boner is perfectly natural in this situation... but right now *Puts on World War I flamethrower suit and primes the weapon* RUN!!!!! 
RPMaestro's avatar
She's hot!

But still not the type of girl to bring home to meet mom and dad
ReaderByLamplight's avatar
My Games Workshop days are long behind me, still... lithe, wolfish women with pale skin, barbaric dark hair and pointed, pierced ears ? You now have my full attention.
The savagery in her eyes is mesmerising, and I cannot imagine a better picture of a Dark Elf (or Eldar).
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Thank you so much. ^_^
archseer's avatar
brilliant rendition of her, kudos
Belazikkal's avatar
Why did this not show up in my inbox? dA must be on the fritz again. 

Awesome rendition of Lelith. Just as menacing as only she can be, even without a weapon in hand. 

Gotta ask: That gemstoney-thing above her breast, is that a stimm-injector or what is it? Because it feels in-congruent with the background material that says she doesn't use combat drugs. She's too awesome for that. 
Beckjann's avatar
oh my... thank you so much for pointing out my mistake ... Shame on me!!! Ashamed
Belazikkal's avatar
Nah, no worries. I was just wondering. It could've been something else, I was just curious what it was. 
JarekSocrat's avatar
Good work! But I expected Lelith to be more muscular.
Beckjann's avatar
Thank you! Yes i could make her more muscular because it's never late :) i also was thinking about it - to make her more close to Jes Goodwin's idea.
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Yes finally another piece if beautiful artwork of my favorite commerite. Wonderfully done, I envy it!
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aaw thank you :D
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