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Dark Eldar: Incubi 2

An Incubi is an elite Dark Eldar warrior, most commonly seen in service as an Archon's retinue in the field. Outside of combat, they act as personal bodyguards, protecting their client every second of the day.
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Thundrhawk1's avatar
Would be a cool walpaper!

(I al not nescesarily a dark eldar fan, but i gotta say, their scourges are cool :)
ImaginaryNumb3r's avatar
This looks awesome, I think I need a T-Shirt of this!
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Man, I must say, you draw the best, coolest and most badass Dark Eldar artworks I've seen in my life and I honestly can't imagine anyone doing it better than you. Seeing how the new hardcover codexes in 40k have different art style, GW should get you to draw new artworks for the hardcover DE codex. Brilliant stuff, mate.

When I save up some money I'm gonna ask you if you have time for a commish. :D
Brittle-Reality's avatar
I love the contrast between the cold, sharp lines of the helm and the softer, more organic look to the helm's borns. If I get round to buying some of the models, I might be using this image as inspiration.
wrath9's avatar
Well this picture gives those guys a whole new level creepiness and fear inducing air of danger....It fits them
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Terrific, the colour fits perfectly
toht981's avatar
Nice bedlamp!
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First association was with diablo3)
Vidar86's avatar
Incubi are badass! I love this piece!
Greyall's avatar
Awesome. See, I love your Eldarly proportions and all that, but this is probably my favourite of yours. You go, bro!
Akernis's avatar
That is rediculously awesome :D
Really impressive.
Docile-Dragon's avatar
This should SO be the cover of the new incubi book! Oo
TheEldarFarseer's avatar
He stares into your soul...
... then he 'noms it.

Wonderful piece, Beck!
MaKo85's avatar
I honestly would not mind having this stand watch over me at night (:3
InToTheSKY5's avatar
really? because it would creep me the fuck out
MaKo85's avatar
Hahaha, well even as a kid I preferred to sleep in total darkness.
My mom once asked me 'Don't you want a night-light?'
My answer? 'No that's okay, the monster under my bed keeps me safe.'

Dragonic-Demonic's avatar
"It´s a thankless job, but some ones got to do it..."
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