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Dark Eldar Incubi

"I am not a demon, I am much more worse."
Archons Guardians.
Powerful and deadly, Incubi can easily change the outcome of the battle.

Incubi Warrior Meditation.
updated March-02-11
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TheChosen1GroxPL's avatar
Wow. This is so epic. Dark Eldars forever :3
alithking's avatar
Awesome Incubi my friend,congratulations!
This drawing is awesome. Is there any chance that you have a poster of this? This would look great in my room. The contrast in colors and shading makes this a great piece of art.
jonasd95's avatar
Great work, really encapsules the characteristics of the Incubi as the "executioners" and duelists of a battlefield! <3 Im in love with that one!
ayayay-500's avatar
THIS Should be on my Favs.
Vindicavi's avatar
Great drawing mate. The new Incubi are by far the best looking models imo.
DarkIncubi's avatar
This picture is beyond my understanding, simply amazing work , really brings out the calmed and collected warrior in this pic. You truly bring DE art justice
StephenFauster's avatar
Did you happen to mean Incubi in the title?
Beckjann's avatar
Oh haha sorry. XD
StephenFauster's avatar
You're good, just helping out.
wrath9's avatar
Menacing, dark, somewhat creepy and down right terrifying in close combat.....Yeah you definitely did these guys justice with that artwork.
mcandre's avatar
Your grammar is much more worse.

Love your drawings btw!
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
Uh... There is nothing grammatically wrong as fair as I am concerned in the title or any where else in the title or the description.
Beckjann's avatar
Phahaha, got it. I was thinking where I did grammar mistake. Embarrassing.
jailgurdnegative's avatar
that sword is made of pure win. and the armor is awesome too.
Dragonic-Demonic's avatar
If I understand the Codex right the Incubi is the only Dark Eldar whit a sense of honour?
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
Actually, like most Dark Eldar, they despise fair fights and only want to kill their opponents. They only have a sense of honor amongst themselves and truly worthy opponents.
Dragonic-Demonic's avatar
Dragonic-Demonic's avatar
The people that hires them.
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
They are not usually hired. Usually they are asked to join a planetary raid, but are not paid. All they require is the promise of a kill.
Dragonic-Demonic's avatar
No, Archon´s buy their services as bodyguards.
AspiringShadowseer's avatar
No. Archons commonly employ Sslyth as bodyguards. Incubi are never deployed as bodyguards; for their ability to cut through swaths of enemies makes them invaluable in an assualt. Their armor makes them ideal for charging the enemy head on. Though that armor could be doubled as an effect shield for an archon, Archons prefer Sslyth for their durability, combat skill, and their loyalty. Incubi are combat juggernauts in the Dark Eldar mind set, not bodyguards.
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