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Dark Eldar Avatar of Khaine

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Published: February 27, 2011
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Dark Eldar Avatar of Khaine.

As far Dark Eldar are concerned, the Eldar gods died in the Fall, and they desise them for it. That the gods had become so weak that could be consumed by the ascendancy of the Eldar's collective depravity is a sign they did not deserve to exist in the first place.

The exceptions are Khaine,who is still held in high regard in Commorragh, and the lesser powers known as the Dark Muses - they who epitomise carnal and selfish vice,and whose clandestine worship contributed to the demise of the original Eldar gods.
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I feel as though the tainted part of Khaine would be something akin to this you know the part that was all mucked up by the C'tan
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Your art is absolutely incredible. Ive been a 40k lore addict since '96. You nailed what dark eldar should look like (although that dosent apply to this pic per se). Youve got some stuff here that beats codex art. Inspiring stuff.
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NagnetoHobbyist Writer
Can they do that? Summon Khaine?
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BeckjannHobbyist Digital Artist
That is why i love Warhammer. We live and learn about our Universe non stop, waiting for new peaces of information from GW's novels etc. Different Archones have their own philosophy and my kabal for example is trying to find way to summon Khaine. :) hehe
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WastelandEngieHobbyist General Artist
Awesome picture, just how I imagined an DE Avatar!
sarin555's avatar this canon or possible.
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I don't think Khaine would lend his power to a Dark Eldar, seeing as he's enemies with Slaanesh and all. I could be wrong, though
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The Dark Eldar are enemies of Slaanesh as well, so I think they would get along just fine with Khaine. The idea that Dark Eldar are servants of Slaanesh and enemies of the Craftworld Eldar is a widespread misconception. There was this time when a Dark Eldar fleet showed up to save a Craftworld under attack by Tyranids and the Dark Eldar hate Slaanesh as much as the Craftworlders do.

In fact, they might hate her even more than the Craftworlders do. The Craftworld Eldar's souls are protected from Slaanesh by their Spirit Stones. The Dark Eldar have no Spirit Stones; their souls are constantly being drained by Slaanesh. The reason they drink the souls of others is to compensate for the slow destruction of their own souls, thus prolonging their miserable lives of endless emptiness and hunger. As you can imagine, they're not exactly fans of Slaanesh for doing this to them.
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Dark Eldar cannot summon Avatar of Khaine because they don't have the Infinity Circuit to do so. 
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Ah, I see. I was under the impression that the Dark Eldar worshipped Slaanesh.
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so was I, for about a month or so.
then I put two and two together.
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Well there's also Cegorach, the laughing god that survived, but he's only worshiped by the Harlequins... who preform for the Dark Eldar.
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ASteriFegariStudent Artist
THIS SHOULD BE A MINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg my dark eldar is all about speed piracy but id totally rock one of these!
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I think... the immense horror of encountering an Avatar of Khaine tainted by the demented ways of the dark eldar would induce fear even into the mechanisms of the Necrons...
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I can just totally see this guy looking at Eldar Khaine saying "Come at me, Bro" or something. That battle would be so friggin epic.
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Ok so I love both the concept and the art, really nice twist on the avatar.


/Especially/ as this is an avatar leading the Dark Eldar, and more generally because it's cool game fluff, I really really wish you'd included the blood of Eldanesh dripping from his hands.
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I think they put up with Cegorach, the Laughing God as well - it's hard to put up with the Dark Eldar lifestyle withou a sense of humour, after all ;D Great piece by the by
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Good news everyone! As of 6th Edition, Dark Eldar can now have official allies with Eldar. You know what this means? Legally use a Dark Eldar version of the Avatar!
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50x cooler than the original. \m/
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Amazing look as a eldar fan it is nice to see him represented in a new light
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jailgurdnegativeHobbyist Digital Artist
haha.. i never would have thought to see a dark eldar avatar.. :D awesome work
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Pain is my meat, and terror my wine!
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"Come at me bro!"
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