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Dark Eldar: Archoness Vael


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Jan 24, 2015, 1:48:13 PM
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Gam3B0y's avatar
I just found out your works, your depiction of dark kin is the best one!! 
nut as I see you have not posted in ages... 
PudgeKitty's avatar
Her hair says love me, but her body says death. 

Stargazzer811's avatar
No her armor says death, the body under it says love me more.
thevampiredio's avatar
oh so beautiful~!
SaneKyle's avatar
I like how loose the strokes are and how the subject is lit. I think it could use more depth around the head as I think it doesn't pop out as much as the rest of the forms do.
Kabalite2's avatar
YES YES YES! another master piece of the master race Eldarith Ynneas! I'm immediately in love with this fine work, ive waited so long for a new piece. And what do you know its another alluring female Dark Eldar, my absolute FAVORITE! Thank you very much sir Beck. And as a fanatic I respectfully ask for more ahaha!     
ReaderByLamplight's avatar
Unfairly, the Archoness is bound to induce less shock and awe in a watcher still reeling from his encounter with your Lelith Hesperax : well, matters of the heart...
Yet there is much to admire here, most notably the overall assuredness of the execution and the expression of the character, all baleful glare and sub-zero coldness (and red hair !). That chin piece is a nice detail, too.
bluedragoneye's avatar
Fabulously done sweet painting job on this one
archseer's avatar
very nicely done :) properly depicts how i would feel Dark Eldar would dress n look for a portrait :)
KittyTheSilence's avatar
Мне как то даже в голову не приходило,что женщины могут быть архонтами
Fancy :3
Beckjann's avatar
:) Я начал играть за бэковую армию Obsidian Rose и у этого кабала я думаю самая крутая женщина Архонт. Она помешана на том чтоб ее войска были экипированы по самое не хочу самым лучшим оружием. Ее рэйды всегда нацелены против эльдар так как она хочет узнать больше о их военной технологии. Ксилиан в "Пути Предателя" типа архонессы микс с суккубусом, тоже няшка та еще. 
KittyTheSilence's avatar
Офигеть 3@
Я тут читанулв про Уриэля и как то расстроилась,все так про него сногг говорили,но мне было почти скучно читать,мб с та,где были тираниды еще как то тянула,тк они все же милахи)
Вот начала щас арку про несущих слово - Первый апостол - при том,как я ненавижу Несущих, книга просто потрясна :3
Qalort06's avatar
Yes! More Dark Eldar! Any chance a Sslyth drawing could be in the works?
Beckjann's avatar
With pleasure ^_^ next wknd I will try to draw Sslyt.
RogueFinn's avatar
Well what do we have here? Oh look, it's a great piece of art!
Beckjann's avatar
hehe thank you ^_^
CyrusEarlgrey's avatar
Nice! Very very nice.
daerksiea's avatar
I think I asked for something similar a long time ago... the Archon of the Obsidian Rose, Aestra Khromys. Hm, this is close enough.
Beckjann's avatar
That's right! ^_^ Also will draw her cuz I started to play for Obsidian Rose.
daerksiea's avatar
Cadian40k's avatar
Awesome!  Good to see more Dark Eldar!
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aetheldeviant's avatar
Love this! (But then I'm in the camp with LikelyLupine, it seemed very unlikely I wouldn't like something you drew.)
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