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Dark Eldar: Archon 3

Oh my Vect how I missed you my friends, I have gone through really hard times but now am back :) so time for us my friends prepare for raids ^^
Am really sorry I haven't visited your kabals, covens and cults - missed a lot of your artworks, poems, photoshoots, stories etc

I sold my army :'( cuz they were collecting dust so now they are under very good rule (I hope). Wanna start WHFB with brand new Dark Elves. haha.
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Well, i can only say that if you manage to ever make an even cooler Dark Eldar than this awesome one, i should start thinking if Space Marines are truly my favourite army... Simply outstanding!
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Thank you so much!!! :)
well if you have a chance you can start collecting DEldar. Play five-six combat patrols, read codex and novels and you will see. :) Miniatures are totally sick!!! DE are pure pleasure to play with... Bit tricky to paint them tho.

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You are more than welcome mate!
I never played the game, you know, im too dumb and lazy to learn :p, but i love the W40K universe, and im trying to get as many novels as i can. Maybe i should give it a try some day....
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I Love it. Really, great technique, great colors, great everything !
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Incredible... Nearly the greatest dark eldar drawing in the Deviantart... The Death Himself!
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Absolutely gorgeous work
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This makes me not understand why people like space marines.
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Great to see you're back drawing DE art. I'd be hard pressed to find anybody who does it better.
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Oh, I love this! I admire how fear-inspiring yet regal this Archon looks. The pose is awesome too! :)
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Nice Archon, if give it a total bad-ass epic plus rating.
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Getting ready for the usual Dark Eldar rapey tentacley molesty sexy gross type stuff.
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Hooray! More art! This is gorgeous, I haven't seen a helmet like this before - neat!
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You sir, truly bring Dark Eldar to life. Your artwork portrays them perfectly. Well done.
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I love the helmet and the pose! It's a well mixture of grim darkness and a heroism pose~~

As a  big fan of your paintings I should say my painting of minis are affected by your images and I just painted my incubi following your scourges reg-toned armor.…

Wish maybe you would like it.
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"You call that a power weapon? THIS is a power weapon!"

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как всегда - великолепно!
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Good to see you again old friend :hug: it has been too long~
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Woha! Looks who's back from the Webway! We missed you Beck! It's so nice to see you again!
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Welcome back, and what an entrance. Amazing as ever, I applaud you. Can not wait to see some Dark Elf stuff (fingers crossed)
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This is a nice "I'm back!!" picture :)
Welcome back here!
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Mah dearest Beck,welcome back :3 missed you and your inspirational arts <3

Wonderful sword and i really love dat horns on helmet:3
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