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About Varied / Hobbyist Rebecca G. BettencourtFemale/United States Group :iconfriendshipisrecolors: FriendshipIsRecolors
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Cat Youkai Noms Giant Cookie by BeckieRGB Cat Youkai Noms Giant Cookie :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 1 0 Walfas-Style Weebs by BeckieRGB Walfas-Style Weebs :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 1 0 A Maid, a Youkai, and a Princess by BeckieRGB A Maid, a Youkai, and a Princess :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 3 0 Fallen Angel of Microprocessors by BeckieRGB Fallen Angel of Microprocessors :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 0 0 Live from Ruth and Naomi's Coffee Table by BeckieRGB Live from Ruth and Naomi's Coffee Table :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 2 0
How I Became Lusamine's Gardevoir
It all started just over two years ago. I had recently graduated from University of Alola Akala College and had accepted a job offer for an entry-level position at the Aether Foundation. I had heard good things about how they cared for hurt Pokémon and their research programs. Besides that, I particularly admired the Foundation’s president, Lusamine. My first day on the job, I filled out all my HR paperwork, picked up my uniform, had my picture taken, had a blood sample drawn, and received my badge. I was employee number 26588.
From day one there were rumors among its ranks about the Foundation experimenting with human-Pokémon fusion. The official position put forth by the PR department was one of denial of any involvement in such areas of research, but this did not quell the suspicions of many of my fellow employees. I made the mistake one day of expressing intrigue in the concept while most of my coworkers instead expressed disgust. For weeks after some of them contin
:iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 12 1
Missingno for Pokemon Shuffle by BeckieRGB Missingno for Pokemon Shuffle :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 5 0 My Very Best Friends by BeckieRGB My Very Best Friends :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 3 0 BABSCon OC Desktop Pony Pack by BeckieRGB BABSCon OC Desktop Pony Pack :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 19 4 Rommel Pants Trot Cycle by BeckieRGB Rommel Pants Trot Cycle :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 1 0 RF Tinker Trot Cycle by BeckieRGB RF Tinker Trot Cycle :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 2 0 Dr. Exenteron Dementis Trot Cycle by BeckieRGB Dr. Exenteron Dementis Trot Cycle :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 3 1 Drunken Joanna Hangs a Lampshade on Herself by BeckieRGB Drunken Joanna Hangs a Lampshade on Herself :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 2 0 Mikianan Girl by BeckieRGB Mikianan Girl :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 0 0 Anthro Pixelforth by BeckieRGB Anthro Pixelforth :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 4 0 Reference and Color Guide Template by BeckieRGB Reference and Color Guide Template :iconbeckiergb:BeckieRGB 6 0


Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou by 0cilo Patchouli Knowledge from Touhou :icon0cilo:0cilo 152 12 Unicode-tan and Google-tan by alamedyang Unicode-tan and Google-tan :iconalamedyang:alamedyang 6 2 Flutteryawn by StarBlaze25 Flutteryawn :iconstarblaze25:StarBlaze25 649 22 Futakuchi Onna by HavenRelis Futakuchi Onna :iconhavenrelis:HavenRelis 47 3 Rod Land by Card-Queen Rod Land :iconcard-queen:Card-Queen 23 19 PKMN - Alola! by akinez PKMN - Alola! :iconakinez:akinez 404 12 Nightbloom Shipping by vvthegiraffe Nightbloom Shipping :iconvvthegiraffe:vvthegiraffe 51 24 Pinkiedash, Twishy , And Rarijack by PandaAmanda11 Pinkiedash, Twishy , And Rarijack :iconpandaamanda11:PandaAmanda11 48 3 TwiShy by SelestLight TwiShy :iconselestlight:SelestLight 128 9 Gardevoir by mogumogumogura Gardevoir :iconmogumogumogura:mogumogumogura 1,731 347 Request: Shaymin by Final-Boss-Emiko Request: Shaymin :iconfinal-boss-emiko:Final-Boss-Emiko 238 23 Lusamine by anonamos701 Lusamine :iconanonamos701:anonamos701 561 28 Female Nidoran Plushie :Commission: by AppleDew Female Nidoran Plushie :Commission: :iconappledew:AppleDew 76 4 Pokemon Champion Leaf by Monicherrie Pokemon Champion Leaf :iconmonicherrie:Monicherrie 265 38 Lusamine by dolsuke Lusamine :icondolsuke:dolsuke 247 4 Lusamine - Gyate Gyate / Ohayou by Pierrelucstl Lusamine - Gyate Gyate / Ohayou :iconpierrelucstl:Pierrelucstl 106 10


Rebecca G. Bettencourt
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I write, draw, make, and program things. I like pop music, 90's sitcoms, and slice-of-life anime. I'm very shy and socially awkward. I'm known, but not well, for Relay Fonts, MultiConvert, Poni Mahjong, and OC Desktop Ponies. I created the fantasy world of Mika City, known all over (all over what I'm not really sure) for being as strange as I am.


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chrisredfield1994 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018
I am chris
SkilletDrum Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I hope if you still take requests for a trotting pony?
BeckieRGB Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry, I've never taken requests. All the ones I've done have been for friends or pony-famous people.
p-eridot Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2015
Your trotting ponies inspire me <3 you're amazing!
BeckieRGB Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :)
SupernaturalCyder Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hello! I was wondering if you took desktop pony requests?
BeckieRGB Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope, sorry.
TheOwlGoesMoo Featured By Owner May 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, thanks for the fave!
www-arturq Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
When I saw that U+F61A was mapped as SIX-POINTED STAR SURROUNDED BY FIVE SIX-POINTED STARS in KreativeKorp's PUA, I thought it was a coincidence. When I read the next five codepoints, I almost fell off my chair. Now that I've found the KreativeKorp's founder's deviantART, I've understood it all.
Glad that I and Mattyhex aren't the only bronies involved with fontmaking.
Stay awesome =)

Sabina shall never die
totto140 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
as you do for desktop ponies ? o.o 
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