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Sorry about the lack of updates on this page! To make up for this, I'm gonna be adding a lot of art from the last year or so. (I am so sorry for your notifications, guys)

Also, for those keeping track of my Patreon...

Patreon Sharingbanner by BeckHop

$40/MONTH GOAL: I will do Patron-exclusive drawing livestreams!

$80/MONTH GOAL: I will redraw Chapters 1 & 2 of Otherworldly to better reflect my current artistic abilities, pave over minor plot holes, and overall be more polished.


$2: Get sneak peeks of upcoming pages, character designs and more!

$5: Monochrome Digital Sketch (you may request one per month of pledging)

$10: 1-Character Color Drawing, Minimal Background (you may request one per month of pledging)

$25: Full color digital illustration (you may request one each month you pledge)

$100: Short animation; no longer than 30 seconds.
Patreon (1) by BeckHop

So, I've lowered the prices for my Patreon rewards, after realizing they maaaaaay have been a bit too high right now. Commission slots are limited, but I may expand them after all of them have been done!

Click here to support my work!
Otherworldly - Chapter One cover by BeckHop

So, after years of planning and a year of learning Manga Studio the hard way, my webcomic, Otherworldly, is now up!


Chapter 1 will update on a daily basis. Further chapters may follow a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. The cover and first pages of Chapter 1 are up now.
So, I have a Patreon account now.

This is where you go to get commissions from me now. I have all the rewards/commission options listed on this page.
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Hey, remember my design for the Bee and Puppycat t-shirt contest?

Fishbowl Space Temp Agency T-Shirt by BeckHop

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Due to things slowing down on the freelance front and me wanting to save money for a possible trip to a certain convention this January, I'm starting a sale on commissions! If you commission one piece, you can get another one of the same type half off!

Please contact me for details.

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I upgraded my dA account!

And you want to know the feature I want to take advantage of the most? CRITIQUES!

So, yeah, I'll be labeling stuff with "CRITIQUE REQUESTED" over the next couple days. Please, be as brutally honest as possible. I want to learn from my mistakes, I want to improve, and I want someone to bounce ideas off of me!




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It occurred to me that I might have been overcharging for commissions. Bear with me here, I'm new at this.

So, I've updated my prices, plus added a few new options.

So, let me explain a few things I'll be uploading.

Otherworldly - Logo by BeckHop

For the past two years, I've been developing a comic idea I've titled "Otherworldly". It's a modern fantasy comic centering around 5 twenty-somethings who find out they're changelings; magical beings (called Fair Folk) that were swapped with human children as babies. The comic follows their search to find out who they are (both literally and metaphorically), and the shenanigans that ensue as they learn all about the Otherworld, the world of the Fair Folk.

I intend it to be, tone-wise, sort of like a Saturday morning cartoon with a few more adult elements. That is to say, I won't be featuring any graphic violence or gore, but there will be gay characters, alcohol use, etc. Think of it as a hard PG or light PG-13.

I'm still writing the scripts for the first few chapters right now (I've spent the last two years planning out the story and character arcs), but I do have character designs and concept art I'd like to share.

Plus, I'm getting tired of having all these ideas in my head and only sharing them with a few people.


I got a note today, asking if I did commissions. To be honest, I didn't consider myself a popular enough artist to start accepting them.

But hey, if people want to pay me to draw for them, why not?

Click this thumbnail for my pricing guide:


Please send a note to me if you have any further questions. I will only give payment information when the commission has been finished.
Hello there, followers!...all 2 of you.

Yeah, I've been pretty quiet.

Just letting you guys know I'm a college graduate now! (And on a job hunt...anyone need someone with After Effects/Illustrator/Cinema 4D/Photoshop expertise?)

Also, expect a buttload more work to be uploaded in the next few days. Particularly fanart. Particularly fanart for ThatGuyWithTheGlasses/Channel Awesome (yeah, marathoning reviews in the background got me through a lot of finals stuff)
So, I'll be posting stuff I've done for school and for fun.

It's my senior year. I need an occasional break from my thesis stuff, ya know?