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2p!Hetalia X Reader 7 Minutes in Heaven Intro!
There was a horrible storm outside. The sky was almost pitch back because of the thick thunderclouds and rain was pouring down like the gods themselves were crying for some kind of lost. The group of dark and very dangerous men were stuck inside a abandoned mansion. The situation was almost like straight from the horror movie. They were all on the edge and could have just jumped on each others throats… But luckily there was a group of girls who instead of hating each other like men did liked others. When men were trying to slit each others throats the girls were having a civilized conversation how ridiculous their little groups were be
Russia x Country! Reader- Then and Now
    {This is sort of a long read. Make sure you don't have anything planned before reading this! This has been a PSA!}    Looking back...when I was assigned to go conquer a weaker country, I don't think it ever crossed my mind that my life would change completely. Ha...those were the years...back in...what was it...? The 1200's? Late 1100's? Somewhere in that time period...we've both grown so much...but I think it's safe to say that neither of us have changed all that much, on the inside anyway. Sure, wars and revolutions have perhaps made us busier, and we'll never be able to back to that blissful youth we once had, but still, he hasn't ch
Bruises - Dark!Cannibal!Russia x Reader Prologue
Some days he wondered how long it had been since he’d seen your face. he remembered every detail; the way your (e/c) eyes lit up when you were happy or dimmed when you were sad, how the corners of your mouth wrinkled cutely when you smiled, how you furrowed your eyebrows when you were annoyed or in deep thought. Living by himself was quite lonely, but the guards wouldn’t let him have anymore roommates. The first time the prison had made that mistake, the other man had ended up with his head jammed through the bars, neck twisted and mangled. He knew the word on the walls was written in his own blood, because of the scratch marks
_______ didn't have many friends, she was just an outcast with how close-minded everyone was in her town. But with her music (whether her own or copying others) as her friend, she didn't mind at all. They never steered her wrong and it was great hearing compliments from others who don't speak to her all that much. She also wasn't thin either, making her even more of an outcast. But, she didn't care about that at all. She loved her body in fact and didn't care who did or didn't. It was spring, and the only thing that she could love more than music was the flowers blooming. The plants in her garden would appear and for the others that died afte
Russia x Reader - Overburdened
    A loud beeping sound filled your ears and you groaned in protest. You cracked open one eye and tried to turn around to glare at the alarm clock on your side, however, a tight grip around your waist tightened even more as Ivan made a noise of discontentment.    "Turn off the alarm clock подсолнечник, before I break it." Your Russian husband said, nuzzling his large nose on your head.    "I can't. You're holding me too tightly." You muttered in return. Ivan sighed and one arm disappeared as he reached for something under his pillow. He pulled out his pipe and reache
Skyfall {Rival!Russia x Ice Skater!Reader} 1
Nerve settled as a lump in your throat.  You were good at ice skating- hell, you had made the Olympic team! So why did your heart beat at an irregular pace and your hands shake as your fingers ran over the intricate {f/c} designs. It was your first year, and all the other team members reminded you of that, earning you nicknames like 'Rookie' and 'First Timer.' All in good humor, of course. Everyone was nice. The Canadian team was finishing up and you had to admit that the partners had a fire of passion as they skated, no fear there or at least not surfacing. Then again, they were the infamous Williams siblings. They practically were bo
Austria x Reader - Proposals
When (name) had perked her ears to the sweet sounding lulling of a violin playing, she shrugged it off and assumed it was Rodrick practising as usual. Returning to her book, she didn’t notice that the soft brushes took on a dangerous, darker pace. After a few moments, she lifted her head up again, eyebrows furrowed. It sounded almost desperate. Placing a bookmark on the page and setting it aside, the (h/c)ette slid off of the windowsill she had been using as her perch and walked towards the large mansion-type house’s stairs. The savage moans of the violin had once more been replaced, this time by a face-paced rhythm. She could al
Denmark x Reader: The Angel
At the end of his life, Matthias KhØler felt like he hadn’t accomplished anything. He guessed the gods must have felt the same way. When he died, he was still on earth. Was he supposed to have done something to earn his way into heaven? It wasn’t his fault he died so young and couldn’t do anything! He was sitting next to his body, watching his friends and family cry over him. He was just one more victim of a sickness that ravaged the land. Was this his “life” now? Wandering the earth because his soul didn’t float up to heaven? He stood shakily and walked from the house – heart heavy with sorrow.
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