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//HELLO DA it's been a while
//posts application for super-awesome :iconmiraculousadventures: group OVO" 


: Aveline (Av-eh-LEEN) Bernard
Nicknames: Ava, Avy
Gender: Female
Birthday: August 8th
Age: 17
Height: 161cm/5’3’’
Weight: 54kg
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: part-time worker (tour-guide, museum gift shop) at art musem 
Nationality: French

Super Hero Identity: Silverwing
Powers, Abilities, and Weapons:

  • Enhanced vision
  • Flight and soaring (although she has the ability to fly, she rarely does so)
  • Agility/quicker movements


  • Little throwing-knife like feathers.
  • Wings also funciton as shield 
Special Power

Whirlwind – when her special power is activated she can move her wings and send off a number of (like 5) small whirlwind/tornadoes that surround the enemy. The winds either strike and cause damage or defect the enemy’s attacks for a short period of time.

Miraculous: Little silver bracelet with wings and a small orange gem in the center. The wings and the gem stay brightly orange as long as she is powered, but as the power goes down, the feathers on the bracelet revert to silver.

Personality: Cautious and calm, yet friendly, talkative and passionate

Cautious: Aveline usually think things through a couple of times before actually doing it, especially situations that seem dangerous. When this side of her is challenged, she is prone to show irritation. Is not as careful in her speech, but mostly in when she does things.

Calm: Stays calm even when excited about things. Has a tendency to go by unnoticed by most people since she rarely raises her voice or causes commotion. Might give off the impression of being underwhelmed.

: Has a habit of playing with her fingers or jewelry when she’s talking with people. If she gets lost in thoughts, or even stops thinking for a second, she might start picking on and poking things, like people’s paintings or jewelry, but she usually tries to avoid causing any harm or accidents.

Friendly: Will act friendly to pretty much everyone. Although she gives off the air of being shy, due to her being so calm and catious, she is not shy- and is quite talkative once the initial introductions get over and done with.

Passionate: When it comes to art, she might actually light up and get more sped up. Once she gets passionate about a subject, or when people’s safety is on the line, she is more prone to being dragged out of that careful shell she’s usually in. 


Aveline grew up with her family, in close proximity to her paternal grandparents and extended family, in a suburb of Paris. Her upbringing was mostly happy, although her parents did not always get along. When she was 16 her parents divorced and she moved with her mom, younger sister Celine and cat to an apartment in town. Even after her parents divorced she's got a good relationship with both her parents.
She never had educational problems in school, although she was always quite invisible among her classmates. What brought her the most joy was drawing and painting, which is how she ended up spending many recesses. Aveline has never had a problem with being by herself, but does enjoy the company of other people and has always had a group of close friends that she can go to.
Her biggest problem all of her childhood was that she, unfortunately, was quite clumsy and often ended up breaking things or falling over things. At 5 she came to the conclusion that she was stricken with bad luck, and for some reason became quite superstitious, trusting lucky charms quite a lot.



+ painting, mostly flowers and fields and impressionistic art

+ classical, hardrock and metal music

+ singing, although that only happens when she’s painting

+ Lucky charms

+ chatting


- heights (ironically has acrophobia but tries her best to hide it when in hero-mode)

- bubbglegum

- Being bossed around


Kwami Name: Riini

Personality: Mischievous, upbeat, protective

Mischievous – likes to stir up problems for Ava

Upbeat- always in a good mood

Protective- although might get Ava in problems sometimes, Riini really cares for her wellbeing

History with Kwami:

When Ava and her family moved into the apartment and as she was unpacking boxes she came across a silver bracelet with an orange little stone. Curious, she picked it up, not really remembering that she’d had it. Riini appeared as she tried it on, and after quite a lot of internal panic Riini managed to explain to her about the bracelet, miraculous and stuff. Ava did not really believe it at first and reluctantly agreed to be Silverwing. After a while though, she actually came to like being a superhero, although she always has fights with Riini about having to fly when she so obviously is so scared.

Ava and Riini get along well, usually. However, because of their different personalities there are sometimes clashes as to when she should use her miraculous and act and when to use her attacks. Riini challenges Ava’s usual cautious nature, but in the end it works out for the best.


Partner's Name: Clyde Molyneux/Red Eyes (FailedMonster)

History with Partner: //TBA


Significant Other: -

Mother- Leonoré Dubois

Father- David Bernard

Younger sister – Celine Bernard, 15


Friends: TBA

Enemies: TBA

Other Relations:

Extra Info

- TERRIFIED of heighs- tries to avoid hanging close to other avian superheroes since she is more scared they’ll find out she is acrophobic. If one listens closely to her flying around, one might think she is screaming to pep up her fighting. Really, she is screaming because she is that scared.

- Supersticous, trusts in lucky items- e.g. her bracelet. (European robins are considered luck-bringers in (like Swedish) folklore)

- Speaks French, but is not too bad at English either

- animal represented: robin


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Hello, my name is KR Bozick, and I'm a user from Quotev. I'm currently working on a Miraculous Ladybug x Reader Oneshot book, and I'm going around this site looking for OCs to use. If it's alright for me to use yours, I have a couple of questions. 

Which character would you like your OC to be paired with for this oneshot? This can be romantically or as friends.
Do you have any preferences when it comes to what will be happening in the oneshot? When I'm writing, I will be taking into account the traits of your OC, so you do not have to have any if you don't want to.
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She's so adorable :3 I love her design (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 
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Ohhh thank you >///V////< <3
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Could I draw your oc?
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Hi! Thank you for asking. Sure, if you want to :aww: just remember to mention it's my character if you post it :heart:
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her design is so unique!
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THANK YOU <3 ^^ i'm glad you think so 

;v; <33
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Ohno... My miraculous character was going to be called SilverFin.. ;w; 
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Oh, well yeah that's close to Silverwing haha ^^
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She's still a great design though, so cool ~ 
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hahahh that's okayy, Elsie can't fly either :'D her wings are just for show to imitate a certain bat superhero from comic books.... :'D

your ref is so detailed though!!! #refgoals---

and hahah hurray for lucky charmsss xD
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//would be sooo happy if they were friends

OVO //lovesherevenmorenow xD your Elsie is awesome <3 

//coughs had to follow a terribly specifik templare in order to joib xD; but yes it is haha

and yep -v- 
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You're back!!!! <<<Esatic (I love her by the way)
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Hahaa i guess i am!! :) and i'm glad you do!
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Oooh thank you thank youuuuuu <3 (⌒▽⌒)
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