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Journal Entry: Fri Sep 16, 2011, 11:54 AM
So Nier was an awesome game, and I must now sit, wait, and deliberate on its awesome.

I want to do an art of Nier but I have to contemplate what kind of epic art is worthy of the way the game made me feel.

If any of you find a copy of Nier about in your travels, you should pick it up and play it.  Its Squeenix, but not exactly what you'd expect from the company.  It has a lot of the epic storytelling methods but the gameplay is absolutely fabulous, and OMG Weiss and Emil are the best characters ever.

"I am Grimoire Weiss, and my name is NOT to be abbreviated."

I also really like Kaine and if I didn't think it would make me actually die to walk around in something that is essentially a piece of lingere and some cloth wraps I would cosplay her.  It might be fun to make an Emil mask though, and I'm skinny enough, I could pull off the bony apparance.  Making the lower jaw work right would be fun too I think.

Definitely there should be an Emil art for NDK next year.

Plus the game FEELS like the developers had fun making it.  Emil's haunted mansion is done from a fixed camera perspective like a Resident Evil game and when the Prince of Facade finds his mask he totally does a little dance spin-around-and-raise-the-item-above-your-head thing like Link does in the Legend of Zelda games.  When you get to the Forest of Myth and everything turns to text you go What The Fuck?  but then it starts to be less confusing and the writing is enjoyable.  And the Shade Wolf of Facade, ZOMG I want to do an art of him.

And I was totally confused about the man you see in the beginning of the game.  Was that the hero?  He never talks about it, Yonah never mentions what happened in the city.  And yet they are the same people as Dad and Yonah.  Only when Yonah starts talking at the end you realize that Shadowlord SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER fuck I can't talk about it.

Somebody go play this game, PLEASE.

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So I am going to redo my journal skin.  Needs to be done.  Redo my reference journals too.

Anyways NDK was awesome, it renewed my artistic vigor.  I guess missing a year really left me uninspired for this year.  I totally have some art I'm going to redo VERY CAREFULLY in order to clean up some of the mistakes made previously, in preparation for using them in art next NDK.  Here's hoping we get a table

=D I plan to have some actual art and some crafts completed BEFORE submission time.  Here's hoping.

Anyways, new journalskin to come.  For now we'll default back to Deviantgreen.  More from me soon
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  • Reading: Fracture
  • Watching: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Playing: Nier
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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 19, 2011, 9:28 PM

I could not stand the ads for ONE MORE MINUTE.

So now that I have a subscription again I guess I can write a journal now, except I don't think any of my links to other journals work anymore and I don't know why.  I didn't want to write a bunch of skinless journals and now I am writing journals without functioning menus on their skins.


I'm not really being very productive right now.  Life is really crappy.  I don't know what I'll really be able to finish for Nan Desu Kan and...just, I dunno.  I'll wanna try colored pencil comissions at NDK though, I wonder if I need to tell Twig that.

Twig do you need to know that?

I like working with colored pencils.

I'm doing some lighthearted stuff.  Paradisiacs and facility9 related.  It keeps me engaged.  Keeping engaged is important, otherwise I just stare at ceilings for hours right now.  Sombeetches should ask me questions on Ask Joe and Shaun...which is a journal somewhere in here but the link won't work for me so I hesitate to include it.…

Maybe its Chrome.  Although I couldn't imagine why it would be chrome.  Maybe dA changed how it handles links?  Whatever.

Read A Song of Ice and Fire when I just cannot force myself to think anymore.  I am a skinchanger, and George RR Martin is my three eyed crow, teaching me how to do what I do.  Really, you feel like you're just slipping in through someone else's skin when you switch character perspectives, its crazy.  Good books.

I don't like Cersei.  Even when you start reading from her point of view.  Still hate her.


Journal Entry: Sat Apr 3, 2010, 9:18 AM

I had a dream one night a few weeks ago.  Dad and I were discussing some local scientific phenomena in which cave bats in hibernation were being forced to come out of hibernation early and were thus dying of starvation.  They determined that it was a fungus which infested the nasal passages of the bats which caused this abnormal behavior.  Looking at it, they think a fungus may have been responsible for that thing with the bees a while back where the bees would leave the hive and not come back.

In the dream I had after this conversation, people got infested with a fungus which caused them to do self destructive behavior and brought about the Zombie apocalypse.  The fungus was spread through the devouring of fungal fruits (like mushrooms, even though the spread of a fungus from fungal fruits is highly unlikely).

The only people who survived the apocalypse were people like my friend Chars Kliathe, who hates mushrooms.  I contemplated this a few days later when my sibling made sauteed mushrooms.  Despite the ridiculous nature of the dream, it was still deeply disturbing.

I ate the mushrooms anyways.  Fungal fruits are delicious.


I took Romulus to the vet today.  I walked him there because the vet is about as close to our house as Northwest Animal hospital is from Twiggy's house.  While we were there, I got complimented on how well trained he is.  He would sit an lie down on command, without even physical encouragement (such as tapping his shoulder to make him lie down, etc.)  Everyone complimented me on how handsome he was and how well behaved.  He didn't act aggressively towards any animal, nor even the vet after she had stuck a thermometer up his butt.

Not that he liked it any.  He squirmed and yelped once or twice through the process, but he still liked the vet and her assistant after the procedure was over, so I am confident that he is not associating pain of a vet visit with the tech or veterinarian.

I am very pleased with today.  Everyone who saw him thought him well behaved and pleasant.

He is still a strange dog.  He ate a wasps nest once, wasps inside it and all, and seemed to suffer no ill effects.  He doesn't like our landlord, because he only comes over to mow our front lawn and Romulus hates the sound of a lawnmower.  The landlord can share room and backyard with him, but Romulus will walk away from him if he comes close, and if he's cornered (like if I hold his collar) he will growl at the landlord.

=/ Not sure what to do about that.  But he's caught up on his vaccinations and he's legally registered with the city of Boerne now, so if the landlord insists that I let him try to pet Rommy, even knowing the dog doesn't like him and may bite, there's no danger of rabies or anything.

Just had a few second to let you all know what's been going on in my life the past little while.  Sorry for the dearth of journals.  I'll tell you some more about my life and job and things later.

I love my job.  Its very fun. =>

Lengthy Silence

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 6, 2010, 9:34 PM

So sorry for the long radio silence guys.  When I say I've been busy, well, I mean it!  So let me give you a run down of all the crazy things that happened.

So I moved down to Florida and began looking for a job, but the only thing that came up was something that would start sometime in January.  So.  Dad, who hadn't a job, got an offer from this great company in Chicago.  THAT SAME DAY he also got a job offer from an even more awesome company in San Antonio.

The job in Chicago was a 'start right away' kind of job and the one in San Antonio was just a tentative offer with no start date or real commitment yet, so of course dad had to take the job in Chicago (and was quite excited about it =D It was a nice company).  But a few weeks later, the San Antonio company came through with a really really solid offer...move package, the works.  In the interest of family and retirement and a smorgasborg of other concerns, Dad accepted the position in San Antonio.  And so we moved here!

*Is in San Antonio RIGHT NOW*

It has been the CRAZIEST set of weeks in the history of Crazy Sets of Weeks.  We had my cousin over for a week of Xmas fun and stuff, and then we packed and moved.  My father, my sister, and I are in a duplex with The King and The Prince (so the backyard can be cleaned of all 'dog' things) while my mother and my brother remain in Florida to make the house perfect for showing.  They plan to put it on the market in a month or so, after having touched up all nail holes and repainted the colorful interior.  Once the house sells, they will come out with all of our stuff.

And I'm back to looking for a job ALL OVER AGAIN.  Haha.  Oh man.

Also, my computer died.  Sorta.  Acers have this problem where sometime if the battery is allowed to drain completely (So that the computer simply cannot operate on the given power and shuts off), once it is recharged the computer refuses to activate.  Something with the BIOS.  I had this problem once before and saved a copy of the solution to Twig's comp so that I could fix it if ever I was silly enough to drain the battery again, but that was her old comp.  And I'm not there anymore.  Haha, poo on me...

So I had to wait a few days to get my dad's computer.  And then search out the dang solution.  Which Acer DOES NOT PROVIDE THEMSELVES.  It was developed by Acer Japan or something and its hard to find the reference page.

And then my sidekick finally started fritzing on me.  More than usual.  So...Its just been hell on wheels.

...So you'll all forgive me if I don't even GLANCE at the 300 some deviations in my devwatch.  or the journals.  or anything else for that matter.

I love you guys, I just got a new cheap ass phone working so you can start txting me again and stuff.  I may actually respond now! O.O

And if you spot me floating about messenger...It's either the Ghost Me that logs on to messenger when my comp isn't even connected to the computer, thus flooding ne with 'offline messages' when next I log in...or its the real me, and I haven't talked to you yet.  Chances are this is because your username on the list is somewhere close to the end of the alphabet, or the middle, in either case I would not be able to see you on my buddy list without scrolling.

...And I am LAZY.

Not really, I just usually don't pay attention to who is on.  I'm often doing something specific (like writing journals like this one, hah!) and have the messenger up in case someone wants to ping me for a sonar reading of what's going on in my life, at which point I generally ping them back.

Because I AM interested.  Just crazy and unfocused.

And if I don't respond, stop talking to the Ghost Me.  She'll steal your soul.  And I don't need any of your souls, thank you.  Kibeth runs on the souls of babies.

*Is shot for posting an inside joke on a blog*

If any of my watchers are in San Antonio...hey, are you guys hiring?


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2009, 7:16 PM

Hey guys, if you have a Wii, you should add me to your address book.  Mnemosine is my Wii, and her contact number is 0694 6611 7890 0358.

If you don't know how to do this, just check out the Wii boards (the envelope icon on the bottom right of the main wii menu), click the icon to write a new message, click your address book icon, and add Mnemosine's information (All the buttons say what they do if you hover over them, so you should be able to do this relatively easily).  You can also get your Wii's contact number from there.  Note it to me (or post it here) and I'll add you.  30 mins to an hour after we both add each other, we can begin sending messages, Mii's, buying each other wii points or things from the wii store, and just doing all sorts of great things!

So do it!  Srsly!

Okay I'm really busy, but I had to get on and put Mnemosine's nmber up before I lost the paper I had recorded it on.

Love ya guys!


Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2009, 6:23 AM

I forgot how much I HATE moving.  So ridiculousy busy, so much I have to do.

@_@ Jorbs, please come to meeee!


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 22, 2009, 10:22 AM

So I'm moving to Florida tommorrow.  Long drive and all that.  I guess this serves as a notice for those I've been unable to tell personally.  Moving back with the folks to Florida.  Should be fun and stuff.  Little short notice, only had a week, spent most of it packing, haven't been able to talk to all my CS friends personally.  I will miss you guys! =D

But hey, there's a Kou-face down there, so now that member of our group won't be totally alone anymore, and I won't be totally alone down there either!  So that's cool. XD

Anyways, I'll tweet my trip to you guys as I go along.  For those who don't follow me on twitter, it HERE, on my FRONT PAGE.  So you can so totally still see that I've arrived safely at whatever pit stop on the road, if you're interested, just by checking my dA page.

Also!  My dad has a twitter!  For those who don't know him, my dad is totally AWESOMESAUCE.  And he got a twitter a while ago for some contest in which you try to write a whole story in a single tweet (140 characters including spaces)  He has like four up right now, and he told me he'll try to write more and add some of his awesome insights in the world and cool Fatherly goodness to keep his twitter updated.  So here it is:

Totally check out his stuff, and follow him if you want.


Journal Entry: Sun Oct 4, 2009, 3:52 PM

So someone's been using the main computer constantly Saturday.  When not Sandy, Twig.  Not that I blame anyone, and scanning Restless wasn't high on my list of objectives enough to bother twig about using the computer to do.  I thought I'd wait till she was done but I couldn't stay up that long.  A couple nights of poor sleep collected to making me feel sick last night and I had to go to bed.

Will probably scan it tonight.  or something.  We're playing Bioshock right now and I've never done it before so its very creepy...and then we're watching some movies or something.  Thought we were going to the mountains, but I dunno.  Busy day, whatever happens.  Plus Sandy is using the computer. =P

Art Status

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2009, 7:58 PM

This journal is for recording the art projects currently on my plate, as well as what you can request of me.  Objects are organized by type (sketch is black and white traditional work, color is obviously color, ect) and not everything in the status list of that area has been requested...most are probably personal artworks I'm working on.

Request Status: Open!
Request free, black and white,
traditional media art from me
by sending me a note!

---Facility 9 Chapter 1 storyboarding = 20% Done
---Facility 9 Charpter 1 art = 5 % Done
---Request from FLoTTycRumPTee of Celestine - 0% done

Request Status: Closed!
I am currently not taking
requests for free colored
digital media or traditional
media works.

---Request from Shukuchoku for Lil+Tav art = 5% done
---Pirates of Dark Water bookmark set for NDK 2010 - 0 % done
---Molly Walker (Heroes) full page image = 45% done
---Micah Sanders (Heroes) Full page image = 1% done

Request Status: Open!
Pricing for commissions
differs from piece to piece.
Note me the details for a quote.

Art Trades
Request Status: Open!
Note me with a proposition.

---Art trade with KouNaraishi = 15% done
Request Status: Open!
Collaboration work is fun
to do and generally challenges
me to work beyond my comfort
zone in art.

Request Status: N/A
List of entries for contests
currently on my worktable.

---Work for KouNaraishi's polar bear contest - 0% done [probably not till after NDK =(]


Journal Entry: Thu Oct 1, 2009, 7:55 PM

So I planned on talking with Nate at the table about RESTLESS, and didn't.  It was a weird NDK.  That left me coming back to no new comic page ready, followed by a week of being sick.  So I sat down today and started doodling (it was slow at work) and four pages of random sketches later, BAM, it hit me.

So I fixed my layout errors for the next page and can finally post it.  I'll scan it tommorrow morning.  Do it tommorrow or Saturday at the latest.

It looks good.  I like it.  I don't want to color it all, though.  Maybe if I get the lineart and speech bubbles done I could see if Ivi would grace me with his toning skills?  I wonder what programs he uses...

Oh wait!  OpenCanvas does tones, doesn't it.  I'll try that.  If not, I guess I'll ask Ivi or just leave it colorless and tone less.

Or something.

Anyways, productivity is back and running again.  Woo!

EDIT: I'm really glad I have that Art Status journal.  I had forgotten in my sickness and NDK prep that Kou had a Polar Bear contest, and that someone had requested a sketch of one of their characters from me.  Oh and I have commissions from PI to do!  Jeez!


Journal Entry: Mon Sep 28, 2009, 4:14 PM

Been sick.  Bad sick.  After I got over it I've just been very braindead for the week following.  Will try to revive myself to normal activity soon.  Miss you guys.

Bronchitis sucks.  missed a week of work.  Poor as crap ATM.  Still, life is good.  ^_^ one of those 'hey, the world sucks but I'm happy' times.

F9: prologue completion

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 31, 2009, 1:10 PM

So the prologue for Facility 9 is done.  Yay!

The way I envision Facility 9, I see it as a movie.  It opens with the prologue and then cuts to the main story.  so now we begin the main story.  I'm finalizing the design for the last character of the main story.  There's an 'Interlude,' a sort of TV show interview that plays during the opening credits (in my head).  I'll write it up, because I don't think I can draw it up...too much dialogue.  Meanwhile, wait around,chill out.  I uploaded all three of the last F9 prologue pages today so there won't be any updates this week.  More updates will follow next monday.  =D

F9: Delays

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 6, 2009, 4:09 PM

I'm terribly sorry guys, with my new puppy I've missed some days and run out of my buffer for Facility 9 comics.  Comic updates will resume their regular schedule on Wednesday.  Thanks for your patience guys!

Blame Romulus!  He's a punk-ass!  ^_^


Journal Entry: Wed Jun 10, 2009, 5:44 PM

Ooooh god guys!  It's sooo old!

2004.  Wow.  Even my crappy half-assed comics for Facility 9 are better drawn than THIS.  Five years do make a difference, I guess.

Although, I have to say I am very pleased with the website design...STILL loving the look and feel of it.  Guess I'm just weird like that.  I went through all the old pages the other day.  I put a lot of effort into this!  I like the questions at the end of the character information, even though some of the characters don't look like that anymore.  Hah!  Guys, guys, this is where I got the name Kians from!  Terra's race has the same name as what i was originally going to call the species of people Aloria and Koen are from.  Not using it anymore for that, but I always wondered where it came from...I needed a race name, and Kians popped into my head.   Now I know!  I had already tried to use it for something else.  Fun times!

*pokes around in the links section.*  Oh, Hybrid Genesis.  You haven't been touched since 2006!  I miss you.

Gawds I need to redo that cute little image of Talon floating in a cloud.  My my, I don't even have that original file anywhere!  It got lost in some computer move.

Ah, my first dedicated try at comicking.  How fun!  Good times.


Journal Entry: Mon Jun 1, 2009, 8:18 PM

So I finished the Journalskin construction for the Facility 9 information journals.  I have to edit the logo, it didn't come out like I expected it to, but otherwise it looks great.  Check it out by clicking the Facility 9 link in the menu.  ^_^ you can now Ask Joe and Shaun questions if you're remotely interested.

KouNaraishi posted a Restless page, and stuff is happening there.  yay!  My turn next, my turn next!

AmadisAmaranth is working on commission stuff.  CaptainMorwen is doing some things for NDK.  I shall not be outdone!  I feel inspired.  Back to work!

And Facility 9 is underway.  Yay!

I get kinda euphoric when enthused about art.  Art is mah drug, dogg.  With just a bit of outside encouragement, I can fly. =3


Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2009, 9:32 PM

Agh, I seem to have left my tablet pen at home.  That throws a huge kink in the work I was planning on doing this evening...Can't make the Facility 9 journal skins without being able to finish the Seth image, I...don't really have anything left to do here with the main journalskin construction, not without being able to upload the things on my laptop which I can't do.  Can't work on the two designs I have for Kou's avatar contest, can't work on the art for NDK I need to finish...Growl growl grumble grr.

I suppose I should go back to work on the prologue, then...drat it all, my forgetfulness is so annoying, and most of all to myself.

Ask Joe and Shaun

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2009, 9:13 PM

Ask Joe and Shaun is a program dealing with the two creators of the main cast of Facility 9.  These super genius geneticists are willing to make an appearance to answer your questions in comic form about Facility 9, themselves, and their world.

To ask a question, simply post a comment to this journal.  When either of the boys get some time away from their busy work to give you an answer, I'll post a reply to your comment notifying you of the response.  The boys have asked me that if you have several questions if you would kindly only ask one per comment (but feel free to ask as many as you want at one time...simply separate them into their own comments) in order for them to be easier to answer.  They don't promise to answer questions in order, but every question should be eventually answered.

Previously Asked Questions
Ask J+S: Question 1 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 2 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 3 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 5 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 6 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 7 by BeCeejed :thumb243615315; Ask J+S: Question 9 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 10 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 11 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 12 by BeCeejed Ask J+S: Question 13 by BeCeejed

Cast of Characters

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2009, 9:12 PM

Joe - co-creator of the Paradisiacs and somewhat of a scatterbrain.

Shaun - Co-creator of the paradisiacs and focused, but nice.

Able - first Paradisiac ever born.  Yellow-gold scales, grey horns, black claws, and dark brown / black eyes.

Updates M/W/F

Journal Entry: Thu May 28, 2009, 10:16 PM

Facility 9 is a fun little comic dealing with some abandoned science experiments left to their own devices in the empty lab of two Scientist-grade 12 eccentric geneticists.  Sharing in their exile are several other previous experiments as well as some other interesting creatures related to Major Co. and the running of the facility.

The story is designed to be mostly humorous, a little weird, hopefully cute, and with a serious theme tying the entire thing together.  Its update schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.