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Unpack your__OVERSHADOWING__Adjectives

Grammar Rock had its turn on the airwaves after the popularity of Multiplication Rock.

"Unpack your Adjectives" was a surprising short when I first saw it in the mid 70s. Sloppy, yes. But among its endless series of contrasting pictures was this. Small Boy, Tall Girl.

They start out as simply unequal in height, but the boy shrinks to a speck and the girl elongates right out of the TV frame until only her shins and sandals are showing. Yup, she steps on him with a "STOMP" sound effect written for those with impaired hearing.

This might have been the beginning of (animated) crush videos. I had never seen a giant girl stomping a boy anywhere before.
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This video/episode/song definitely got me started on both feet and giantess stuff. Thought it was a dream at first (since I only saw it once as a little kid), until I came across it many years later.
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Same here, I know many others who got into Giantess and Feet from this one scene alone.
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Very nice work! :)
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Yes. The Yohe family would be proud. Tom Jr. (voiced of Reginald in the Interjections song [which also included his brother as the "Rats!" kid & their kid sister as the "Darn! That's end." cheerleader]) took over where his father Tom Yohe Sr. left off as lead animator (ex: "The Tale of Mr. Morton", "Busy Prepositions", "I'm Gonna Send Your Vote to College", etc.), but you replicate their style very, very well!
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