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Dear Nessa
Do you know those things that keep you up at night? Those little annoying thoughts that make the bed seem too lumpy like your own bespoke pea under the mattress? They range from social issues to intimidating work loads to money issues to all sorts. But mine's none of that. Nothing as vague. Mine's much more specific. You see, mine's the thought of losing you.
I've never before been afraid of death. It's natural. It's inevitable. Yet still, we think and we worry. Funny things, us humans. How we can so wrapped up in a thought. I never really understood that. Not until the doctor told us you were ill. Now I'm still not scared of death, I'm just scared of losing you.
It never really occurred to me that I'm not to blame. I feel responsible and I don't know why. I know it's not my fault and I know that even if I did the whole six years of your life over again, it wouldn't make a difference. I suppose it's because I'm your Mum and I'm supposed to protect you, and I've failed. I haven't done m
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221B. by BeccaLilyJoyce 221B. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 0 The Deathly Hallows. by BeccaLilyJoyce The Deathly Hallows. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 0 So this is photography? by BeccaLilyJoyce So this is photography? :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 0 Skulduggery Pleasant by BeccaLilyJoyce Skulduggery Pleasant :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 0 0 Valkyrie Cain by BeccaLilyJoyce Valkyrie Cain :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 1 0 The Girl who Waited. by BeccaLilyJoyce The Girl who Waited. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 0 Hello, I'm the Doctor! by BeccaLilyJoyce Hello, I'm the Doctor! :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 2 0 The image of an Angel. by BeccaLilyJoyce The image of an Angel. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 0 3
Red, Green, Silver, Gold - Part Three.
James arrived back at the Gryffindor common room, shortly followed by Amy who was in the middle of a rant about a Witch Weekly article.
"- so if you think about it, she didn't need to dye her hippogriff's feathers at all!" she laughed, playfully slapping James on the shoulder. He pretended to laugh along.
"Haha, yeah! Stupid when you think about it..." he muttered, climbing through the portrait hole. He walked across to the fireplace and collapsed into an armchair, sighing. Amy, being the loyal 'girlfriend' she was, followed and fell daintily into the opposite chair. James undid his tie and toed of his shoes. He sat there with his eyes closed, enjoying the silence of the common room. "God, today's been hectic. I'm awful at herbology, I can't help it, there was no need for that weeks worth of detention! All I did was knock over that pot of soil! I didn't know there was a mandrake in it! And I have two essays into tomorrow," he sighed then smiled mischievously to himself, "want to
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Who is Fletcher Renn? (1)
Valkyrie was pacing up and down at a speed that even Skulduggery was impressed at.
"Valkyrie Cain will you please just sit down and listen to me!" He grabbed her shoulders and stopped her in her tracks. Even through her specially-made black jacket and Skulduggery's gloves she could feel the harsh grip of his bony-fingers.
"Seriously Skulduggery, let go. I'm not in the mood." Valkyries voice was cold and he reluctantly released her and returned to his chair in the corner of his living-room. "So... What you're trying to tell me, is that Fletch is, erm, not coming back?" She looked down as she muttered these words and took a seat on the coffee table, wanting to believe that this was all some twisted joke that Fletcher was playing on her. She cleared her throat, fidgeted uncomfortably and looked Skulduggery dead in they eye. Well, eye-socket.
"No." Valkyrie's eyes lit up with hope. "I'm telling you he doesn't exist. You're the only one who knows who the hell he is. Tanith, Ghastly and I ar
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Rainbow Dash. by BeccaLilyJoyce Rainbow Dash. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 1 0 My Life: The greatest Day. by BeccaLilyJoyce My Life: The greatest Day. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 5
I Hate Your Smile.
John sat there on the pavement, refusing to move. He simply shook his head every time someone offered to help him, never taking his eyes off of the drying pool of blood that stained the floor like the memory of Sherlock stained his heart. He pulled his knees up to his chin and wrapped his arms around his legs, attempting to steady his breathing. He flexed his fingers and grasped his knees tighter as a cab pulled up near him.
"Come on, John," came a familiar voice, "let's get you back to Mrs. Hudson. I'm sure she'll have a nice cup of tea waiting for you."
John stood up, and was guided into the cab by the man who had come. He glanced up to try and match the voice to a face, but his freshly forming tears clouded his view.
Mrs. Hudson. The thought hit John like a train. I'll have to tell Mrs. Hudson.
At this thought, John let out an involuntary groan. He felt a hand squeeze his shoulder before he heard the cab door close and they began to move. He bent his head down and clos
:iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 3 5
Let's shake hands in Hell. by BeccaLilyJoyce Let's shake hands in Hell. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 2 4 I will burn the heart out of you. by BeccaLilyJoyce I will burn the heart out of you. :iconbeccalilyjoyce:BeccaLilyJoyce 11 1


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A Successful First Date
Sherlock barely looked up from his laptop screen, fingers skittering away on the keyboard as quickly as ever, as John sighed and threw his phone across the room.
"You know, you're going to break it if you keep doing that. Problem?"
"Oh, I don't even care," John grunted.  "It brings me nothing but hassle anyway"
Sherlock stopped typing, and steepled his fingers underneath his chin, as he started at his flatmate.
"You're avoiding the question. And if you break your phone, how am I supposed to get in contact with you when I need you?"
"As I said," John muttered. "Hassle."
Sherlock said nothing more; simply raised an eyebrow, which John took to be an invitation to divulge his problems (though quite how it was supposed to seem inviting, he wasn't sure).
He took a large breath before he began to speak. "It would appear that ideal first date etiquette is not running off to solve a murder with your flatmate, and forgetting all about said date. It also seems that asking to re-schedule
:iconcreepychloeey:CreepyChloeey 8 3
Form Tutor Commission- Historical Ninja by Tehnekox96 Form Tutor Commission- Historical Ninja :icontehnekox96:Tehnekox96 1 0 Hey look, a branch got in my way.. by AGNIZAB Hey look, a branch got in my way.. :iconagnizab:AGNIZAB 4 0 Beanz:3 by AGNIZAB Beanz:3 :iconagnizab:AGNIZAB 3 0 Johnlock:Still a better love story than Twilight by krusca Johnlock:Still a better love story than Twilight :iconkrusca:krusca 492 139 Jack and Ianto Stamp by gracelessnight Jack and Ianto Stamp :icongracelessnight:gracelessnight 201 38
So I have been back tagged by :iconbeccalilyjoyce: and these are actually quite fun :3
1) Favourite fandom & why.
PORTAL because it's so witty and it has a really wide and creative fan base.
2) Favourite ship (does not have to be from your favourite fandom) & why.
Can it be more than one? ChellxGLaDOS because it's canon, MarikxBakura because it's hot (Yugioh) and more but I'll keep at that.
3) Ice-cream?
4) You can only ever watch one TV programme ever again. What is it?
HODAMN. Umm, Ouran High School Host Club? NO WAIT, Yu-Gi-Oh I mea--! asdfghjkl /malfunction.
5) You have a choice of all of the Deathly Hallows, do you choose the Elder Wand, the Resurrection Stone or the Invisibility Cloak?
I don't even what. Invisibility sounds cool, I've only ever seen movies 1-3.
6) Reason for choosing said Deathly Hallow.
Because I have no idea what the others are.
7) Who would win in a fight - a Cyberman or a Weeping Angel?
8) You're loo
:icontehnekox96:Tehnekox96 1 0


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Oh bloody hell it's been months since I last came on here! I do apologise, I'm just not vertically creative anymore. Hmm.

But it's nice to come back. Perhaps I'll find that spark again...



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I'm a fandom girl so it's what I do. Fanart & fanfictions.


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