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18/03/12 :new: Hi Guys! Still really in need of suggestions, please keep them coming!

Also be aware, if a deviant has had a DD in the past 3 6 months, we cannot give them another!

I can submit Literature DDs!


I need your help though! I would like you to start sending me DD suggestions. In fact today I want all of you to note me at least one suggestion.  Don't forget to tell me why you believe it deserves a DD too!

What I will be looking for...

For those who know me as a writer, you will know I write scripts. This will be my first port of call for DD suggestions, please send me scripts and lots of them!

Aside from that, I am happy to review both poetry and prose (my prose background is stronger)- but please be savvy with your choices. I am someone who appreciates writing with personality over generic works that could be written by anyone. Find pieces that show character and are unique. What is this piece doing that makes it different? What does the writer add of themselves into the piece?

Also be aware of quality and technicality. Don't send in something riddled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Be realistic about the quality, don't just submit it on a whim. Remember too look at the substance, not just the style or idea!

If you have any questions please ask on this journal.

If you don't want to suggest to me, you can also suggest your lit DDs to the delightful ikazon (Be wary, lack of DDs causes him to fling his monkey poo!) or thorns (who may occasionally throw her coconuts out of the pram if no DDs!)

So start sending suggestions in now please!

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I messaged you! :squee: Can I has beer now?!
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I actually think I read a good script the other day. I don't know the first thing about scripts, but I liked it a lot. If I can find it again, I'll suggest it (along with some of my brilliant work :lmao:).
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why is it so piiiiiiiiiiiiiiink :fear:
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I already suggested something to ^lightningmonkey :dummy: I really hope I hear from him soon... x3
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So... you're not even gonna pretend there's free beer anymore? :(
BeccaJS's avatar
Only for the good ones :D
HaveTales-WillTell's avatar
Suggestions sent. More as I find them.

Diet Coke, please. Neither shaken nor stirred. :iconjamesbondplz:
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I'll take some free beer. Can't drink it yet, but I could sell it on eBay or something . . . eBay has everything.

:D I'll note you some of mine. Not the best, but still to be considered. I'm proud of them.
kamy-ska's avatar
I want the free beer! :la:

Hahaha, now I will send you a note, I want to talk to you about something :meow:
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oooh I am intrigued!
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Oh very cool. I was really hoping we'd get a new Lit GM soon. I shall send you some suggestions...what genre do you prefer? If I may be so bold. :D
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There's not such thing as GMs now, the Gm & MN@ team have come together as one- Community Volunteers! I was an MN@ and as part of the merge have taken on literature since its kind of where I live anyways :D

I have put in this journal what kind of DDs I prefer, but decent quality writing is the main thing. :)
LadyofGaerdon's avatar
Oh that's right! Sorry, forgot about the integration and title switch ups.

I see. I was trying to see if you preferred fantasy, emotional, horror, etc. You guys probably aren't really allowed to say that though, huh? I tried...:shrug:
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I just saw it now. D:
Why aren't you added to the list yet though? You were a CV(GM before) o_O
BeccaJS's avatar
I was an MN@ :)
phoenixleo's avatar
But before that. :paranoid:
BeccaJS's avatar
Before MN@ I was a senior?
phoenixleo's avatar
Wait. Wasn't there someone who became a mn@ after being a GM? :noes:
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Um. Hmm...

I think so, but I don't remember. Probably a good idea to ask in the seniors forum; they'd be able to answer. ;)
phoenixleo's avatar
why in there? o_O
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Because they may check the senior forum more often than the other forums. :B

I know I do.
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