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Ode to the Burpee
What creature mocks our sweaty struggles? 
we groan, we moan- pathetic muggles! 
What monster sits there with a smile 
as stomachs swim with gas and bile? 
Boobs and bellies hit the floor 
swear words follow, we implore; 
in drips of sweat we may just drown 
down then up, then again back down. 
What is it that makes our bodies cry 
as pain vibrates along our thigh? 
What movement would we trade for runs, 
for planks, for jacks, for lifting tonnes? 
Three rounds gone, we beg no more- 
yet somehow moved onto round four.
Despite the pounding in our head 
we soldier on, we push ahead. 
The bell chimes we are at ease 
for one mere minute- no burpees! 
We relinquish breath, swig water,
but then 
we’re on our way back down again! 
Despite the hurt, the sweat the dread, 
we know the truth within our head.
These evil moves do us
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 10 12
Enchantress Curse
Afterwards the waves cascaded, the seafoam dispersed. Elle, the mermaid princess disappeared. Her death futile, yet melancholy. Her sisters wept before the returning the sea.  
Elle's heart broke. The dedication she’d made failed. Even her planned revenge, her retribution floundered. The knife remained discarded. They never knew her sacrifice. 
Elle's sisters tried helping. Reversing the spell meant death. Prince Ede the desolate wretch broke her curse. Her kindness felt when she watched them- the new wife Princess Aivia asleep, dreaming her future she inadvertently stole. Her future partner Ede legs entwined, legs Elle once sacrificed her voice. 
“helvede”- she mouthed, muted, frustrated. Her curse pointless. When Prince Ede married Princess Aivia, Elle knew everything ended. He never loved her like he loved Aivia. He believed Aivia once saved lives, she char
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 0 8
The Darby Ram
As big could Darby ever feel. Great hay in joists kept leering, mounding near our place. Quietly Ram, sheep took unto vagabonds with young zesty admiration. Beast cries drumming enormous fat, galleys heard individual jeers. Kind lustful men nearby owe pounds, quid's reining slaughter terms. 
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 2 2
The Rock King Proposal
I Trog. I Trog man; man who with Gel. Trog mad for Gel. Pink lily on the grass for Gel. Pink path of lily to den for Gel. Trogs den.   
Gel my Gel. I mad for my Gel. I to own my Gel. If Gel not want Trog, then Trog sad. Gel with Trog.
Hot hot glows. Pretty for Gel. Trog smart for Gel. Trog gifts for Gel. Six grey rocks with sun-glint in it for Gel.  
Gels hips- charm Trog. Trog randy when with Gel. Gel butt firm and legs strong! Trong grin at Gel lots. Trog horny with Gel. Trog hard. Trog rock king with Gel! Rock King! 
The pyre hot hot hot-- as Gel not cold. Trog happy and has big kill for Gel. Big kill wild pig. Pig plus small herb and berry burn yum yum tum tum. Gel fed then Gel happy. Happy Gel, Happy Tro
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 1 5
Friday Bathtime
Music tinkled as flames danced around enjoying their show. Frothy bubbles lapsed over the bath as wine and book were placed ready for the indulgence. 
Friday nights were made for relaxing and that had been the plan. 
When the water rushed out the tap, the screams had drowned. The body laid on the bathroom floor
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 0 1
The Revolution that Never Revolted
“Aggressive pacing of blaming the others” 
Big boss Steve was planning his attack. His feeble staff had let him down again and he was very angry. A large vein pulsated in his head proudly venting his dismay. After he finished pacing he slammed his finger on the call button to his secretary. 
“Power push to Nancy because she responds.” He wiped his brow. “Nancy assemble the morons in room B.” 
“Moron assemblage commencing Boss Steve Sir.” 
“Many gratitude for your mere competence.” 
The staff had gathered in the conference room whispering to each other about donuts on Wednesday and that they knew Steve was on the rampage again. He’d been on the rampage all year and they knew this assembling was yet another tirade of abuse they were expected to take.  
“Demotivating speech to commence in three” Smirked Dave. The colleagues laughed t
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 2 3
The Death of Dill Mars
I fucking love pirates. For all the things I have created they have to be up one of my greatest creations. I mean, don’t get me wrong; my son was pretty epic, but come on, everyone knows pirates are bloody awesome. Simply put;  I am proud of myself.  
Hindsight tells me that giving them a fully free will was the right thing to do. Ordinarily I’d want people to abide by my rules, but pirates took those commandments, ripped them up and made their own and I respect that. Understandably so. 
LongJohn Silver was the first I created. Dimwit took hours just to pick his name- he tried Saturn, Chocolate Chip, Greypants and even Mecury-boy before I had to intervene. To be fair, he wanted to be called John Silver, but I’d already created that ruddy Baptist and he was no namesake for my kraken fighter. 
Anyway, the coolest fight just happened on this street- that drunk perched
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 0 5
A second planet
Gordon the Iguanodon first noted the phenomenon of the first. He mistook it for food, unable to do anything with it. He sniffed it, knocked it and even peed on it. Nope, not food. He Shrugged and moved on. 
Dianasaurus Rex- the youngest of the Rex family spotted two of them next to each other by the river. She thought they were a pair of rude turtles and weren’t worth conversing with.  
Wallace of Dreadnaughtus started raising questions after seeing a group of eight of them neatly arranged in an octagon. His Friend Astrid the Hadrosaurid dismissed his concerns. It had to be the meerkats winding them up. Meerkats were that organised after all. 
“They’re bugging me” grumped Shanta the Velociraptor. “One was plenty enough, but they have outstood their welcome! I am not having it!” Her brother Jayntor agreed. 
“I am calling the
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 0 7
Toast Tantrum
Making tantrums has been a recognised art form for many years, whether it has been smearing cheese triangles of the wall, covering a wall in chalk or the famous “sticky toffee remote control “. Many methods come with the risk of ongoing meltdowns and disablement of toys, but this recipe from the Derbyshire Dales in England has recently seen a rise in popularity. It is usually finalised with cuddles and can be seen as a good recipe to continue parental comforts and distract them from any other siblings or pets under their household.  

This method in particular allows for creative thinking and can be finished off with jam, marmalade or even a touch of peanut butter.  We have stuck with the simple method today but encourage our bakers to be ever so imaginative for maximum effect. 
It is to be pointed out that food is not essential for this recipe. You can substitute “toast” with crayons, a use
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 0 7
That Eejit Cumming
The tapestry was taking too long. 
The darn thing was getting Fiona on high doh, but now it has been promised as a gift to the chief's wife. She’d been at it for several weeks in the same sweltering room with just one small window, crouched over the loom. The fire warmed in the corner showing off with its pops of air and obnoxious crackles.  
In and over, up and out. 
In and over, up and out. 
Fiona had been weaving since she was wee and fantastically skilled. She’d have given it up if it hadn’t made the coins flow into the house. Her hands were hardened by the years of entwining wool around them, but she couldn’t complain. Despite projects such as this she was content. 
The fire slowly depleted as the night progressed. Fiona yawns, but pressed on regardless. Whilst her husband was out on a clan hunt, she made use of the tim
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 1 10
Squat like it's hot
as I squat those thighs
pulsate with incredible desire to
say no. Not now, not ever- why
would you.
the weight it pulls through my spine
    with discomfort along
my bottom.
in my mind a strong woman
battles a weak woman; a weak woman
with vile words
                    that feel true.
one hundred repetitions, thirty-five kilograms
between my shoulders- only the bar holds stable.
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 8 18
Mature content
Latrodectus :iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 6 19
When time has changed
Once this was a farmhouse  
with chalk paint furniture,  
mismatched chairs. 
Three dogs slept by the fire  
Their master read nearby 
only the pops of air  
disrupt the peace 
Now rotten boughs are laced  
with Christmas lights. 
Cobwebs linger  
between each dead bulb 
before time stood still.  
High above the roof 
slates are French  
kissed by fresh frost that  
did not care how gentle this place was.  
Below a fire as extinguished as the bulbs  
suffocates in dust  
and ash  
and soot. 
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 4 5
That Love Thing
When love begins it's fresh and new 
but equally annoying. 
Deciding to share with another- 
that freedom you're destroying! 
Suddenly yours is not your own. 
everything done together. 
A breath surrenders, hits you now 
this love will be forever. 
Like roots in a tree, deepening down, 
it's twisted and confusing 
the shapes aren't straight, they bend, they sway 
combine and then infusing- 
There are no words, no direction, 
There is no explanation 
For this wonderful, wonderful sensation 
this befuddling thing we call love. 
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 4 1
The Peacock Effect
Before you've taken breath;
your mighty chest protrudes, 
Pectorals escape
and boast a tune.
Shoulders like mountains-
an importance you give yourself.
If you were a peacock
with feathers extravagantly sprawled;
each a declaration
of your wisdom,
your knowledge,
and your influence--
For nobody has as many feathers.
Yet as your beak opens, 
squawks with condescend 
your voice dries, overexcited,
it reminds us all;
You're just a bird 
with a small brain. 
You pick up worms 
and regurgitate them.
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 15 22
A limerick for that pear by BeccaJS A limerick for that pear :iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 5 6
My own writings on deviantArt are often experiments gone wrong.


Hey there You asked for a critique on my journal and despite already being behind on my promise I am now catching up :D This was an inte...






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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Since 2005 `Beccalicious has graced the writing community with her infectious positivity. From her own work to her critiques and advice to her peers, she brings an attitude many of us could learn a thing or two from.
She also is committed to helping keep her little section of the world clean and organized, going out of her way to let us know when there are things in the wrong place, making the writing categories just that much better for everyone.
On top of all that she provides a lot of insightful journals full of advice and resources for aspiring writers from all walks.
Drop by her page and say hi to Becca, and wish her congrats on deviousness for June of 2008!
-awarded June 2008

2019 Horizon

Fri Jan 25, 2019, 9:22 AM

Well I think I have finally recovered from the madness of Critmas. Only 11 months and we'll probably do it all again.

January is moving so quickly that it's odd to think that exactly a month ago today was Christmas day. Back to work, back to reality and wondering when my next break is! 

The change you will all notice is that in a matter of days, I shall no longer be a CV.

I decided a while ago that it was time to move on and let someone else have a stab at it, but took time based on wanting to see what Eclipse held for lit and to ensure a well supported lit team were left behind. This will have been the end of almost 8 years (with a break between) of being a volunteer on deviantART and as much as I have enjoyed it, it is time to move on. Thank you for having me :heart:

The only thing I really need to say is that the people around me is what has made the CV experience awesome and I really appreciate that. The past and present lit CVs and the team at CRLiterature are fantastic and the more we do to continue to support them, get involved and join in, the stronger this community is. We don't need the fancy stuff we may or may not get with Eclipse, we just need good writing and people sharing and supporting good writing :) If you do anything, suggest a DD, promote a thing or play in a thing. 

As for my next steps- I found a lot of fun in writing challenges last year, especially around the Gauntlet and Game of Genres, so I hope to do more of this as part of my 2019 ambitions. This includes finishing a murder mystery party script I promised to write for a close friend of mine. I am also applying for Chartered recognition as a Project Manager for my career, which involves writing a LOT about myself so between that and family life, I will be busy. 

In term of lit happenings Look at all this awesome:

LitCrit Chat - 2019 First EditionNow that you've all fully recovered from the Holiday Haze, it's time for some litcrit! 

Fresh Crit for your Lit
When: January 26th from 11am to 1pm PST !
Where: tWR Chat!

What is LitCrit Chat?
It's an opportunity to get live, real time feedback on your writing. Critiques are honest and constructive - the point is to help each other improve as a community. Participants bring their work and critique each other, moderated and assisted by an admin from :icontheWrittenRevolution: 
What kinds of literature will you critique?
We'll happily offer constructive critique for poems, prose, blogs and journals, school projects, book projects, and just about anything else you might present with written word
LitVid Series 1: Death of the AuthorWhat Is This?
I love YouTube. I probably spend about as much time on there as I do on DA, and I've come across some really great channels in my time. This will be a bi-weekly journal series in which I share a video from YT that discusses a topic about storytelling, literature, poetry, or otherwise writing-related themes. If you have suggestions for videos I should feature, shoot me a note!
After the video, feel free to participate in the discussion questions!
NOTE: The following video contains lewd language and spoilers for The Fault in Our Stars by John Green as well as The Harry Potter Series and the related Fantastic Beasts Series by JK Rowling. If you have not yet read those books/seen those movies you are warned.
But also, what rock have you been living under? Like, is it really big? :?
Volume 1: Death of the Author
:bulletyellow: To jump straight to the definition of "Death of the Author" click
Multicultural Fairy Tales lit contest:bulletred: THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED FOR ENTRIES.  JUDGING IN PROGRESS.  YOU CAN READ ALL ENTRIES HERE. :bulletred:
My birthday approaches, and in order to celebrate with my DeviantArt community (that means you) I am hosting a contest (that means cool prizes) for my favorite kind of story: fairy tale retellings.  To make it a bit more challenging, a multicultural component has been added - which I hope will inspire/require you to delve into a bit of research and discover folk stories that you weren't already familiar with.  If you're up for helping put a smile on my face, read on for the details.
Write a story which combines and retells/adapts two different fairy tales or folk stories from two different cultures.
What classifies a fairy tale / folk story?
I am going with a reasonably loose definition of this, but here are some qualities c
CRLit: 2018 in ReviewWhat a year it's been in the literature community! We had great contests, helpful workshops and tutorials, a boatload of lit features, a DD nearly every single day, and much much more. Here's a look back at everything we did here at CRLiterature in 2018. 
:bulletred: contest/challenge
:bulletyellow: community event/article
:bulletgreen: workshop/tutorial
:bulletblue: feature
:bulletred: Celebrating Positivity and Tolerance Contest - LadyLincoln
:bulletblue: Parallel Prompt: Ogura Hyakunin Isshu Feature - akrasiel
:bulletred: Forum Challenge! - BeccaJS
Oh, hello my old heart.Totally have not been waiting to be able to use that for like a week. :giggle:
Yep, I have my heart back. DD Suggestion guidelines, etc will be forthcoming (like probably in the next hour or so). Thanks for all the well wishes! 
:heart: Lili
ProjectDFC: 2018 DFC Recap and 2.0
Hello everyone!  Hi!  OneWithTheStars here for ProjectDFC.
Is everyone exhausted that ran the gauntlet that is DFC?  I certainly am!
I am very excited by the turnout of participants in DFC 2018!  During the course of December, we had seventeen participants in the challenge and an amazing five of you completed all thirty-one poetic forms; this is fantastic and everyone should be proud of themselves!  clap remake 1a 
The DFC Vanquishers:
Two hundred thirty-seven poems were written (
LitRecognition: In the Weekly SpotlightThis Wednesday, LitRecognition will be featuring the last week's Daily Deviations. They are wonderful pieces, and deserve that little extra boost of attention so READ THEM ALL!! Take a look-see, and give these wonderful people the Literature Community Love, if you haven't already! :hooray:






Critmas: The Results.8 years ago, I started a small community challenge to encourage people to offer a little bit of critique for their fellow deviants. Back then, it was a simple challenge with no team, no bonus games and a handful of awesome people participated. We were happy with the 100+ delivered in just 12 days. Fast forward to now and some individuals got more than our total in year one. This is crazy and I love it!
Just to put into perspective, here are the totals for the previous years:
2011- 120
2012- 120
2013- 158
2014- 366
2015- 206
2016- 917
2017- 1213
2018- 1375 critiques delivered.
48 of you signed up to the challenge, with 41 active and an amazing 31 people completed the threshold of 12 critiques! The bonus challenges also proved popular, with 3,606 bonus points scored on the challenges!
I was a bit unsure about putting the bonus challenge in, but wanted to try something different and have learnt what does
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #31)Welcome to another volume of Over the Moon, a growing collection of literature and talented deviants! I encourage you to Added to my devWatch! and Favourite Star these pieces and authors and take a look through their galleries! 
Over the Moon: Poetry + Prose (Volume #31)

Check out the December 2018 Lit DD Roundup
Happy Writing,
:iconcrliterature: :iconwriting-rampage: :iconglory-be-project:
My CV Guidelines
What is a CV?
CV stands for Community Volunteer. I'm a community volunteer for the Literature side of DA, alongside an impeccable team of BlackBowfin JessaMar and squanpie
We're basically here to help keep the community informed about what's going on, to spearhead conversation and challenges, and to feature work to showcase on the Daily Deviation page. That's skimming the surface of the amazing things CVs have done for the community in the past, but you get the idea. 
How to Contact Me
My inbox is always wide open. You can just send me a note :note: with anything you may need to talk about, or if you want help advertising a contest, etc. I'm also pretty good about replying to journal/profile comments. But my notes get top priority, so if you need something quick, that'

Have a good weekend everyone :) 

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I am looking for a nice poem as a potential reading for my sisters wedding! any suggestions? 

5 deviants said Please note it is two ladies getting married!
5 deviants said Please share some favourites!


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