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Patreon raffel prize June 2017

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Oh Deer

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Big Booty study

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Jess Clements

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Bewitching Miss Fortune

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Winds day

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Asuna and Kirito Wedding Day

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Black Widow - Winter Soldier


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Creepy Dentist

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My oc Evangeline

Evangeline is the daughter of anya Stroud and Clayton carmine, she was born in Ireland during winter on a snowy night, she grew up in a village that was close to the castle where Marcus Fenix's grandma Queen Agnes Fenix lives. She and her husband met when they were 5 years old,  her parents decided to visit Mike's parents she was happy to meet her mother's friends Marcus and Elsa Fenix Mike was a little shy but also willing to say hi Evangeline befriended Mike's sis Lisa Mike and Evangeline liked Each other very much so they became girlfriend and boyfriend, they dated for at least five months on Evangelines 10th birthday she and Mike celebr

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Are you freaking out about Eclipse? Check this out

[click to join our discord server] View our dA group at ArtSpacious ( We're all freaked out by Eclipse. Or, at least the majority of us are. This is our home, we have burrowed roots here that span over a decade for some, and we have amassed our watcherbase with painstaking effort! We've earned out badges and uploaded hundreds of our deviations and put so much effort into our groups! We've forged meaningful connections and found a network of friends here, a place of support and encouragement. But for some, Eclipse is a dealbreaker. It ruins dA. Yet, we need our community, we can't lose each other. Right? This is not another rant journal or p

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Dead Space Unitology Font

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Glossy Icon template part I

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