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Teh Rainbow Toe Socks

By beca-chan
These are my pride and joy! :aww:

My rainbow toe socks!! Yeah....
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ANWAR1982's avatar
Beca-chan, can u make a GIF of your toe socks wiggling left and right and say, "Oh, these will keep me, toasty!"😆😆😆??
fcboy86's avatar
Love the toesocks
Jimmyman474's avatar
You have some nice socks!
jizzymcwizzy's avatar
i've always seen these. i've worn socks with flip flops and that's liek really uncomfy i culdn't imagine all toes being like.. that haha is it even comfy???
GuardianDemon1587's avatar
ooooooooooooooooh! so cute! i love toe socks!

nice pic! nice cute/sexy socks! lol
PCFF's avatar
i love toe sock´s

you show your naked feet? pls
grygon's avatar
Did you make these? I'd buy a pair. O.o These are very unique.
PsychoShin's avatar
love 'em....lovable really...when bare?
Gosujin's avatar
So cute!!! ;p I love your toes in socks!
telamon's avatar
lol, this is beyond my imagination! :clap:
zaser's avatar
ahahah that's cool!!!!!! :D :D
oaktree622000's avatar
They are just so cute. i have seen them for the first time, and how colourful they are what a shot:clap:
annex's avatar
LOL i have a friend who has toe socks JUST like those wif the rainbows
hehe i luved em!!

i'd want em but i dunno as dpndnt mentioned prolly be weird *blush* hehe but they're so neat!!!
augustmobius's avatar
toe toe toe...yeah, it's probably wrong of me to want some toe socks...but they'd probably be cool...maybe...ssshh...don't tell anyone
beca-chan's avatar
i've seen guys wearing toe could get some uber bright pink ones or suttin..*giggle*

Toe socks are awesome :D
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