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Opposite of [link] on request!

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© 2005 - 2021 BeBz
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Childhod walpaper
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See this everywhere, found the original!!!!!!!!!
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I've seen this plastered all over the internet, but no one's given you credit! :/
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Well, signed up to say...I liked and greatly appreciated this art the second I saw it on Twitter in 2009, and immediately saved it/avatar-ed it.  Because of my teen relative's beautiful b-day card art (which may have even been subconsciously inspired by "Jolly" that I showed him about 6yrs ago), I was driven to search who originally did the smiley face in a sea of sad faces art.  So, Seyan, today "I" now know that it was made by BeBz, is called "Jolly", and was uploaded on May 11, 2005.   :)

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This is a worldwide Hit now ! Sadly nobody knows its by Bebz :(
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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Why was my message flagged as spam? I was informing you that your image was stolen. I have found more. So you can just eat shit and be ungreatful for artists looking out for you. Get bent.
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Did this company have permission to sell laptop skins with this image on it?
The co is Meffort inc.
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Holy crap, I LOVE this pic!! =D ....But uh, heres the thing, see, what had happened was, I saw this on Google, and so I drew this for one of the panels on my art project. Hahhaa, I uh, didnt know that this belonged to someone on Deviant. I just thought it was some random pic on Google, ya know? ( You know, not that those pics dont belong to someone, but, yeah. You catch my drift? )
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opposite link are broken =(
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I've seen that picture in a magazine. You have no idea how many times this was stolen.
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So you're the original creator of this? Nice to know :lol:
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This image is being sold on ebay and as computer skins :O Wasn't sure if you were aware or not.
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Its funny, my municipality uses this image in its digital displays alongside our roads.
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There's always one of us in every crowd!
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Hehe nice work.
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