Bobblecommissions by beblue


+$5 for large add-ons like wings, oversized weapons, etc.

What you see is what you get! Basically a vaguely Adventure Time style! Note that details will have to be simplified to suit the style, but in fact the more detailed the outfit the more fun these tend to turn out.

Note that all prices are in USD, to be paid via Paypal up front.
I might also be open to some art trades; email me discuss any of the above:

Please title your email “periwinkelle bobble commission” and include somewhere in the body an details about the character you’d like drawn, including references if you have them. If you’re okay with me playing around and designing them a new outfit, let me know that as well; I might be happy to give it a whirl!

At this time I’m not comfortable doing NSFW, anything mecha or furry, but I am willing to do multiple characters in one piece, but additional characters are also $10.