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February 1, 2010
I absolutely adore the pink tones and amazing hair work. Lash by ~BeBeachy
Featured by jussta
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Pink Lash

Stock Image: [link] by ~TearzStock>

Thought id sharpen my hair vexeling skills, and this image was just perfect for it.
Didn't really add anything new to it, but it was still fun doing it...though it took 2 weeks to finally get it finished, still its quicker than the others ;P.

EDIT: Wow!!! :wow: thanks a lot ^jussta for the DD. Wish i could reply to everyone's comment. Thank you all for the faves i love reading your comments. once again thank you ~TearzStock for the stock image. :love:
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That is some gorgeous hair~! You did a really beautiful job with the shading~!

ohshizitsearny's avatar
This is eye catching, I like the color and the perfectly tone of hair... I wanna see a blue version of this 
AlexiaJane's avatar
Absolutely Beautiful :)
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KikaiSaigono's avatar

I just wanted to let you know that your work was stolen and possibly sold on canvas for large amounts of money by the site

The site has now been taken down, but all the information you would like to know about the site is here:
[link] and [link]

Also, someone listed all the images that we taken on this website: [link]

If you want to take action, ~alexxius is organizing a lawsuit of all the artists vs. the CEO of art4love and would like you to note him. :)
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Thank you for taking the time to let me know I only wish I responded sooner. :(
U-R-IU's avatar
2 weeks!!! NO WONDER ( VEXEL ) i still have to finish my avril lavign =| the face is prety fine but i dont want to make the hair but u gave me an idea for it but im still not making it right now!! btw u did great
BeBeachy's avatar
Let me know when you finish. I'd love to check it out and thanks :D
wythipol's avatar
This is incredible. Hope I can get anywhere near as talented with vexeling hair!
BeBeachy's avatar
thank you, you can just keep practising.
theyellowcoyote's avatar
This is simply divine! I wish I had the patience to do hair like that :)
BeBeachy's avatar
you should give it a go. pick an image that you really like, and just go for it :D
RuefulArtist's avatar
what does vexel mean? :o
GuitarLuv's avatar
i really love this :D great work!
BeBeachy's avatar
GuitarLuv's avatar
your welcome (:
Fearless-Suicide's avatar
i just absolutely LOVE it its wonderful n gorgeous :)
LazyJP's avatar
Whoa?! Beautiful! Now that's an Eye Candy for me!
BeBeachy's avatar
Great yo hear it. Thank you :D
ice-cream-soda32's avatar
wow! this is amazing!
BeBeachy's avatar
lol so is your comment is amazing :D
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Featured in this news [link] :iconbigloveplz:
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