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Zee Magicks

:iconphotofinishplz: Does Rarity want trust issues? Because zat eez how you get trust issues! :iconrarityjoyplz: Terribly sorry, how about I make it up to you over dinner?
:iconphotofinishplz: Zat sounds wunderfoh! :iconrarityjoyplz: Great! Let me go get my purse! :iconmlprarityplz: At least I could've sworn it was in this closet.
:iconmlprarityplz: Ugh! There aren't any lights in here! I must have thrown it in the back! One second- [Rarity's horn glows to illuminate the closet]
:iconphotofinishplz: Zat it too much magicks...  :iconmlprarityplz: Oh, come on! It should be in here somewhere! Where is it?!
:iconsweetiebelle-fim: Rarity you left your purse in my room again! :iconrarityjoyplz: Well that works, too. :iconraritypfftplz: Always the last place you look.
:iconrarityjoyplz: Shall we be on our way, Photo Finish? :iconphotofinishplz: [Running off into the distance screaming] Tha magicks! No more magicks!
:iconphotofinishplz: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! :iconraritypoutplz: I wonder what that was all about.

Carousel Boutique Downstairs East Background by Adamlhumphreys; I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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And that is why she always wear those HUGE-ASS shades.