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Worst Nightmare

:iconnightmarerarityplz: FEAR ME :icondashcakeheadplz: Eh... I don't really feel like it. :iconnightmarerarityplz: Fear me just a little, please? :icondashcakeheadplz: Hm... nah.
:iconflutterthinkplz: I think you're a little scary. :iconnightmarerarityplz: Oh come on; you think everything is scary! :iconfluttershyshockplz: *gasp*! :iconnightmarerarityplz: See?
:iconflutterthinkplz: I don't think bunnies are scary. :iconangelbunnyplz: :iconflutterthinkplz: Okay, maybe just a few. :iconangelbunnyplz: :iconsadfluttershyplz: Okay, all bunnies scare me.
:icondashfacehoofplz: That doesn't even make a lick of sense! You've taken care of bunnies your entire life. :iconfluttershyrapeface: It's really simple.
:iconfluttershylovemeplz: THEY'RE MORE SCARED OF ME. :iconrarityomgplz: Holy **** :iconponylaught1: Hey I'm white again.  :iconfluttershylovemeplz: I don't have a special stare.
:iconfluttershyrapeplz: I rounded up two of every animal, put them all on a boat- :iconfluttershynoesplz: and beat the crap out of every one of them.
:iconfluttershysqueeplz: And that's why I'm better around animals than most ponies are :iconrarityhoofinmouthplz: ... :icondashnoesplz: ... :iconsoldierplz: You did good son- real good.

Background originally by MLP-Vector-Collabs, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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Alternative Ending: Nightmare Rarity uses her unicorn magic to capture Rainbow Dash.
Yeah. Being able to fly amounts to sh[yaaay] against a pony race who are basically all Jedi.
Robotponytron's avatar
The decepticons have made an evil version of rarity!
Animatorsnake's avatar
I don't know which is more entertaining, the comic or the description, I also like how you mentioned the TF2 Red Solder's line from his introduction trailer, good work for you
Flyboy77's avatar
"Hey I'm white again."
I sentence you to a makeover!
LittleBearCub25's avatar
:iconflutterthinkplz: That's not true! I'm not like THAT!

:iconangelbunnyplz: :iconsadfluttershyplz: Okay, SOMETIMES, I’m like that.

:iconangelbunnyplz: :iconsadfluttershyplz: Ummm. . . :iconangelbunnyplz: :iconsadfluttershyplz: Errr. . . :iconangelbunnyplz: :iconangelbunnyplz: :iconangelbunnyplz:


:iconangelbunnyplz: NO.

Angeeeellll. . . Stop giving Momma tha looooookkk.

:iconangelbunnyplz: No.

:iconfluttershyrapeplz: Listen Angel, If you stop doing that now. . . I may go easy on you. But if you don't-

:iconfluttershylovemeplz: I'm gonna BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU.


splatter789's avatar
But she has magic...
BurningFlameMC's avatar
You didn't even finish it.
xAsk-HollyleafxX's avatar
If u tried to scare me that's as fake as rarity not being a unicorn
Flower-Horse's avatar
Just no.
Take your spam somewhere else.
:iconnightmarerarityplz: has a slightly different cutie mark
PonyFNaFKittyPainter's avatar
Nightmare Rarity has a bit different cutie mark.
fluttershylover20's avatar
That was awesome. I liked the whole thing.
MaddKossack115's avatar
Okay, haste to be a "comically missing the point of the joke" dumbass here, but...

Rarity's a unicorn. Couldn't she just use her telekinesis magic to yank that horribly unfashionable pegasus out of the air?
TeamInTheDarkness's avatar
hehehehe nice played RD, but Fluttershy won the round again... and Soldier, what have you been teaching Fluttershy? ewe, don´t make me bring my LV3 sentry
jachamomile's avatar
I'm white again

Randomrainbowz101's avatar
:facepalm: That is not racist.
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