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Twily Has A Bad Dream

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A Twilight Sparkle in the hand is worth two in the crib.
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2. Love :blowkiss: revamp i'm loving this!TickleHugKissBlush 
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HA HA HA HHHAA HA HA HA! Twilight is so smallllll!
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SA: What happened Twiliy that woke you up so suddenly? Twilight: I have stwange dweam. Whewe I wasn't a ponie. Sa: Oh? What did you dream about? Twilight: I dweamt that I wasn't a ponie. I was some kwind of weiwd cweatuwe tha stood on two wegs and knot on fwouw. And I had these stwange tings for hooves, I don' know wat it was. And ten, the dweam had me and my fwiends gowing on a contwived and unowiginal adventuwe in a big not weally ponie school, it had something to do with a weally big dance, and tat was it. SA: Well.... That defiantly sounds... Strange. Twilight: Owh, and My dwagon was a dog. For sowme weason. SA: Say, how's a bout a little NightQuill for foals? Twilight: (drinks) All gone! (goes back to sleep.) 
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AAAAAWWWWW!!!!! ADORABLE!!! Cute Emoticon Blushing 
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cute Clapping Pony Icon - Shining Armor Clapping Pony Icon - Shining Armor Shining Armor :twilightsparkle: Discorded Twilight Sparkle Twilicorn Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle Clapping Pony Icon - Twilight Sparkle 
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Holy hay, their heads really seem ginormous here.
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awwwwwwwwwwwww so so so cute
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<font><font>Awwwwwww</font></font>Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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<font><font>Oh well</font></font>
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:iconbookfortplz: *wakes up, sniffling and panting* Oh, big bwotha! I had the most howwible dweam!

:iconshiningarmorplz: *hugs Twily to help calm her down* Shhh, shhh, calm down, take a deep breath, Twily, it's okay, I'm here.

:iconbookfortplz: *takes a few deep breaths and calms down somewhat*

:iconshiningarmorplz: Now tell me about your dream.

:iconbookfortplz: It started out, oddly enough, strangely happy. I found myself standing wit' 5 other ponnies around my age, they were being real fwiendly and kept calling me their fwiend. We went on many adventures and eventually I did something and it got me turned into an Alicorn Pwincess, at first, there were alot of ponnies and even hew-mans that suddenly appeared and congratulated me, celebrating what happened. but then... *sniffles* alotta mean-looking hew-mans suddenly appeared and started yelling at me, calling me all the meanest names, 'Mawy Sue' and 'sell-out' among them, and they kept getting angrier and louder even when the fwiendly ponnies and hew-mans spoke out to them in pwotest, telling them how certain things the mean hew-mans kept saying will happen actually WON'T happen, but the mean hew-mans delibewately refused to listen, even when presented pwoof, and... *sniffles some more and looks like she's about to cry some more*

:iconshiningarmorplz: *hugs Twily some more and spoke gently* it's okay, it's okay, relax. It was only a dream.

:iconbookfortplz: But what if I do become an Alicorn Pwrincess? would vewy bad thing really happen?

:iconshiningarmorplz: Come now! don't let what some silly angry humans said get to you, if you think about it, you should probably laugh at them.

:iconbookfortplz: L- Laugh at them?

:iconshiningarmorplz: You of all ponies should already know how silly it can be to get upset about something without knowing all the facts, and you said yourself those mean humans were getting upset even when they were given proof there's no reason to be upset. Kind of silly of them, don't you think? Must be one of the reasons they don't live in a semi-utopian nation like we do.

:iconbookfortplz: hehe! actually that kinda is pwetty funny!

:iconshiningarmorplz: That's the spirit! chuckle at the chainsaws! or whatever the phrase is, and now that you're done with your nap, Mom's gonna start baking cookies in a bit, wanna help?

 :iconbookfortplz: *gasps* Cookies! :icontwilightyesplz:
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Best thing ever.

These whiny complaints from bronies is what is keeping MLP from being successful as Steven Universe and Star vs the Forces of Evil. Which in case, it is still successful and no complaining can kill a success to make Equestria Daily look delusional.
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:icondemomanplz::iconsaysplz: Bloody brilliant!
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Okay this is the most fitting thing in existance.
"Chuckle at the chainsaws" PFFFffffft x3
:iconfreeinternetplz: for your awesomeness ^^
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I died. Of cuteness. Thanks a lot.
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you're welcome! :D

(at least I'm hoping that's the appropriate response)
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