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:iconsunsetshimmerplz: Why do you keep coming back for me?
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: For a pony so close to my heart; what else can I do?

Erk, I did not plan this through at all. I wanted a comic strip without words but couldn't find something that implies "a massive war happened at around panel 7 where Sunset Shimmer steps in and helps fight" but ended up implying that Sunset fought Celestia.

Princess Celestia Vector by Ocarina0fTimelord
All other art assets by me.
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Great work, this comic really says everything it needs to, without a single written word. 
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LyokoherosHobbyist Writer
Wait, wait, wait, You said "I ended up implying that Sunset fought Celestia"? I really don't know how... maybe I didn't understand panel 7 as "massive war happened at around panel 7 where Sunset Shimmer steps in and helps fight", but it is far from implying Sunset fought Celestia... I understand it as "Some darkness threat come over Equestria, and [here comes conclusions from panels above and belove] Twilight and her friend couldn't stop it... so Sunset come back and fight IN CELESTIA's DEFENCE, but during rescuing her she nearly lost her own life". What also fits perfectly her alicornization here. 
And I just love the very idea of it. Well actually it's not so much different from my story. 
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Yeah, I didn't get the war bit from panel 7. Although I did take it as "Evil comes while twilight is away." I felt like Panel 8 represented what happens when twilight and sunset have a serious fight. ( haven't seen equestria girls yet.)And yet Celestia is still there for her. So in healing her body, her grudges were healed too. And thus she unlocked her fate.
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oh, i found the full story on a different site:
"end of a generation"
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I still love this one!
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coolflyerStudent Traditional Artist
that is so sweet, I wonder if that would happen in the show.
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Ater not accepting visitors eight months, Princess Celestia adopted a mysterious infant filly with a mane like fire. 
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What happens to Twiligh, please?
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MLPCutePicHobbyist Artist
Explain panels 7 and further.

what hapened?
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If I guessed, I would say Twilight did something terrible and Sunset saved the day. Twilight didn't make it.
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My guess? Big fight with a big baddie. Sunset gets hurt. Sunset gets wings. Yay!
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Needs one more panel, where Twilight is a filly.
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SuperTwistHobbyist Digital Artist
Twilight disappears and celesta
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Iridescence99Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why is she just sitting there?
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nightskyponyStudent Digital Artist
what the hay where did twilight go
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Bettina2013Hobbyist Filmographer
AAaaaaawwww! So cute! Celestia is like a mother to Sunset Shimmer!!!!!!
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer
I suppose you could call her...
( •_•)>⌐■-■
The prodigal sun.
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SalvatoreMasterDenifStudent General Artist
I SO see what you did there. XD
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I'm in support of this.
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I just noticed. Twilight has the same color eyes as Celestia, while Sunset has the same color eyes as Luna! XD
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DragonjekHobbyist Writer…
This is where I first noticed it, and also what awoke me to the wonder of Momlestia.
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I think many were assuming Twilight was Celestia's child... until Equestria's second sun...
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Rainbow Dash has similar colored eyes to Celestia, and the three ponies in the show with rainbow hair are Dash, Rainbow Dad, and Princess Celestia.
Are you going to sit there and tell me that the Sonic Rainboom, as powerful as it is(it can clear cubic miles of cloud in seconds, it's a weapon of mass destruction for any city made of cloud) not alicorn magic? NOW who's Celestia the mother of?
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