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The Iron Pony

:iconbabyapplejackplz: [Caresses her broken piece of the horse shoe] Eee heee! Ahm the iwon ponny!
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: [Holds up her piece of the broken horseshoe] Naw! AHM thee iwon ponny!
:iconbabyapplejackplz: [Grabs Rainbow Dash's piece of the horseshoe] Hey! That mah howseshoe! Gimme back mah howseshoe!
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: NO! No No No! It's my howseshoe! *CLINK!* :iconbabyapplejackplz: You bwoke mah howseshoe again! :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: No, you bwoke it!
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: You bwoke mah howseshoe! Gimme your piece of howseshoe! :iconbabyapplejackplz: [Holds her half of the horseshoe closely] NO!
:iconbigmacintoshplz: Has anyone seen the lucky horseshoe we keep on the door? :icongrannysmithplz: Nope! Darned teenagers musta got eet 'gain.
:iconbabyapplejackplz: ... :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: We bwoke tha lucky howseshoe?! :iconbabyapplejackplz: ... :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: Tha' means we can bweak tha howseshoe to get more howseshoe!
:iconbabyapplejackplz: [Starts frantically ripping apart kernals of the desecrated horseshoe for even tinier pieces] Mo' luck! We'll get LOTSA LUCK!
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: [Puts all the tiny bits in a box before ripping apart some kernels herself.] *giggle* This is GEE-NEE-us.

No, I have no idea what the sound of metal being torn apart sounds like.

Apple Family Barn Interior (Full Version) Background by BobtheLurker, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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