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Teenaged Pinkie Pie



:iconpinkiepiewhatplz: Can you tell what age I am in this pic?
:iconpinkiepieduhplz: Neither can I
:iconpinkiedoesnotwantplz: No seriously, what age am I in this pic?
:iconpinkyfaceplz: Am I 12 human years old? 30? 50 with a touch of makeup? Wait, why did I say 30? I'm not even 30 years old!
:iconpinkiepiesad: What if Equestria takes a really long time to complete one revolution around the sun, and nobody is even 1 year old?
:iconforeverpinkieplz: SCREW THIS! Too much thinking! I'm going to bed!

EDIT: Woo! Double feature on EQD son!

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hey,beavernator do you take requests? if you do,then i was wondering if you can draw my mlp oc/ponysona a.k.a firefly solstice? also do i have to pay you points or anything? here's a reference sheet of my mlp oc/ponysona.
Mlp Me A.k.a Firefly Solstice All Forms Reference by twidashfan1234