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:icontwilightsparkleplz: Wait- how the- :iconpinkiepieplz: I'm an albino? :icontwilightsparkleplz: But what did :iconpinkiepieplz: Pink dye.
:iconprincesstwilightplz: Well, I guess that explains why- :iconpinkiepieplz: -there's no practical point in dividing time up into units smaller than a Planck unit?
:icontwilightsparkleplz: Exactly. This means that- :icontwilightchallengeplz: Wait, I didn't even say an entire sentence. How in the- :iconpinkiepieplz: NANOMACHINES.
:icontwilightchallengeplz: How does that have anything to do with- :iconpinkiepieplz: Nanomachines! :icontwilightchallengeplz: But that- :iconpinkiepieplz: Nanomachines!
:icontwilightchallengeplz: ... :iconpinkiepieplz: :icontwilightchallengeplz: I just don't see how- :iconpinkiepieplz: NANO- :icontwilightchallengeplz: ... :iconpinkiepieplz: MACHINES.
:icontwilightchallengeplz: ...
:icontwilightchallengeplz: ...
:icontwilightchallengeplz: ...
:icontwilightchallengeplz: Are you done ye- :iconpinkiepieplz: NANO NANO NANO NANO :icontwilightfirerageplz: RAAAAWWWWRRRR :iconpinkiepiehorrorplz: AAAUUUGGGHHH!
:icontwilightrageplz: :iconpinkieishappyplz: Neeno musheens

Background by BonesWolbach
I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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victorfazbearStudent Digital Artist
i found an error in the 6th panel
the line in pinkie's skin is white not pink
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Moiruki-bolnoStudent Digital Artist
oooooooooooh super surprise?

Character Card : Super Surprise by vavacung
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dsp2003Hobbyist General Artist
For some reason, "PinkiePiePlz" account was deactivated and the icon is now gone. Could you please replace it in the description?
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nightshadowmlpHobbyist Artist
Pinkie never left G1.
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Sumi-mlp25Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great job and super cute! But... why did Twilight have wings? (I mean, they're still babies here, right?)
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
Never knew babies could speak in full sentences. x3
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Heavy: heavy is regretting choice by looking
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BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale The stare. Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif 2 - Undertale Temmie Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale excitedUNDERTALE. Determination [INTENSIFIES] Chat Icon (Undertale) Mettaton EX Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon Free Undertale Sans Headbob Icon 1 Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale jump window LOLOLOLOLOL BurgerPants Emoticon Icon Gif 4 - Undertale Frisk Lick Papyrus from UnderTale (request) Papyrus spinning Flowey's Trollface The temmie intensifies Undyne PFFFF Icon Gonna buy? Bob Icon Papyrus Intensifies [Undertale] Undyne the Undying Chat Icon 6 O-M-G jerry mouse scream intensifies icon Approaching Papyrus Chat Icon Approaching Temmie Chat Icon Omega Flowey Icon (SPOILER) F2U Chat Icon - Frisk ''True Reset'' button smash Undyne Screem fuK Nye! Papyrus's Tears Omega Flowey Icon (SPOILER) tem icon IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT Sans Intensifies Temmie icon TEMMIE!!!
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chocoleyStudent General Artist
YOU have wing Baby Twilight?
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chelsa428Student Artist
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chocoleyStudent General Artist
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BerinthiaStudent Digital Artist
XD!!! This baby filly art style is so cute btw
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time-table123Hobbyist Digital Artist
Neeno musheens

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biscuit-the-bunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
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timber44487Student Artist
so strange!
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timber44487Student Artist
u got wings cuz the creators where too dumb lol
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LittleBearCub25Hobbyist Digital Artist
:icontwilightchallengeplz::iconsays3plz: How the heck do you have wings?:iconsays3eplz:

:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsays3plz: I'm. . . sexual?:iconsays3eplz:

:icontwilightwhatplz::iconsays3plz: Wait. . . You had sex when you were a filly? THAT'S how you got wings?:iconsays3eplz:

:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsays3plz: Yes! I mean No! Uhh. . . Maybe?:iconsays3eplz:

:iconfacehoofplz::iconsays3plz: Pinkie, Pinkie, Pinkie, What am I going to do with you. . .?:iconsays3eplz:

:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsays3plz: What?:iconsays3eplz:

:icontwilightwhatplz::iconsays3plz: That's DISGUSTING.:iconsays3eplz:

:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsays3plz: And true.:iconsays3eplz:

:icontwilightwhatplz::iconsays3plz: Princess Celestia?:iconsays3eplz:

:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsays3plz: I made fillies have sex for my enjoyment before Luna made it illegal.:iconsays3eplz:

:iconprincesslunaplz::iconsays3plz: Sister, It was DISGUSTING.:iconsays3eplz:

:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsays3plz: Ohhh. . . So THAT'S why fillies kept disappearing. . .:iconsays3eplz:

:icontwilightwhatplz::iconsays3plz: . . .:iconsays3eplz:

:icontwilightfirerageplz::iconsays3plz: IS ANYTHING IN THIS KINGDOM NON-SEXUAL?!!:iconsays3eplz:
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Sumi-mlp25Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol. Good imagination :D
Tamayako's avatar
TamayakoHobbyist Digital Artist
That's horrifying xD
xanman12321's avatar
This "Lava Twilight" meme is a bit overused but it's hot (:lol:)

:icontwilightfirerageplz: ftw!
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LittleBearCub25Hobbyist Digital Artist
Don't judge me. >.<
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