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Saving The Crystal Ponies... Through Heart Attacks

"That's why this show is filled with huggable ponies here still! That's why a hungry pony pops in this place he quickly gets filled! That's why we don't say Ponyville; we call it Amityville! You can get free cake after having your cavity filled! That's why Pinkie's party canon parks in front of houses and shoots, and when the town guard comes we conga line with them too! That's the mentality here, that's the reality here! Did I hear someone say they're new to this town in this square? While I'm holding a welcome wagon with all of these fireworks here? 'Cause once we meet new ponies we can't be held accountable for our actions. That's when group hugging happens; when a thousand ponies party in someone's house after sunset where the punch has loads of hot sauce chucked in it. WAIT, PINKIE! HOW LONG ARE WE PARTYING 'TIL?!"
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they are all so cute