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Pure Equality

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:iconstarlightglimmerplz: Okay, I get it, you can get me out of this chimney now? :iconhappytwilightplz: NO! We need you to be EQUALLY as dirty as the chimney!
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: But I don't want to clean this chimney with my bare hooves. :iconhappytwilightplz: I see.
:iconhappytwilightplz: Perhaps if you spend more time observing the wonders of cleaning a chimney with your bare hooves you'll come around!
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: No- that... that's not how it works. :iconhappytwilightplz: I see you disagree with me. You're free to do so, but keep in mind it clocks you more time in the chimney.
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: This isn't equality! This is just bullying! :iconhappytwilightplz: You make a solid point- but equality won't clean these chimneys!
:iconhappytwilightplz: And since you haven't simply walked away from this, that obviously means you love cleaning chimneys!
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: That doesn't actually- :iconhappytwilightplz: I just don't see the problem- if we're both equal and I'm enjoying this- you must enjoy this too!
:iconstarlightglimmerplz: Okay, now you're just taking leaps and bounds with this train of thought. :iconhappytwilightplz: Do I sense disagreement? That's no good
:iconhappytwilightplz: Perhaps if we move to a second dirty chimney we'll enlighten you some more! :iconstarlightglimmerplz: *sigh* fine

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I love Twilight's face in the last panel. Personally, Starlight should be locked in Tartarus but being stuffed in a dirty chimney is almost as good.

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BrightBulb13Student Traditional Artist

wrong series starlight wrong series

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Starlight, you don't even have thumbs. Amon had thumbs. Do you have thumbs?... No.
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Indigo-ShimmerHobbyist Traditional Artist
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This did not make me laugh. 
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Why not?

I find it hilarious.
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If I had to guess, it's because it made fun of Starlight.
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nanoonriHobbyist General Artist
XD Best reference I've seen for mlp. 
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BBBHueyHobbyist General Artist
Rainbow Dash (Laughing) Plz HAH! She became a Shyamalan!
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A Shyamalan-Amon
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VL32Student General Artist
Better than what I would have shoved her into: :iconspringtrapplz:
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artiermis Digital Artist

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the-mysterious-ponyXHobbyist General Artist
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I just realized something. Would it have really been that bad of Amon converted all the benders into normal people? I mean, bending isn't the end all be all of a person's worth in the world of Avatar, is it? So what was the big deal?
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Imagine somebody castrating you with a spoon (or butter Knife, whichever is more painful,) and the person responsible saying that you being castrated is a wonderful, excellent thing.

That's what being Equalized feels like.
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Sorry, not buying it.
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dudebladeXHobbyist General Artist
Bending is treated as an extension of one's self, imagine losing a limb on the grounds of it being 'longer' than another person's arm.
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That just sounds like you're saying amputee people are inferior to normal folk. Face it, what Aman was doing was no big deal.
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