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Playing With Hair



:iconrarityhoofinmouthplz: Why did my parents give me a hairclipper as a toy? :icontwilightawkwardplz: It was either that or a kitty.
:iconrarityitisonplz: Oh please, Opalescence is a sweet feline that would *SLASH!* :iconrarityomgplz: Eeek! :iconmadrarityplz: OPAL! You don't do that to our guests!
:iconopalescenceplz: :3 :iconraritygangstaplz: Ohhh I can't stay mad at you :iconrarityknowsplz: Now let's go to the kitchen so I can cook you for dinner.
:iconopalescenceplz: O.O [darts out of her hooves and runs away as fast as her stubby legs can pull her bulbous figure:icontwilightchallengeplz: Wait, you were actually going to eat her?
:iconrarityjoyplz: I have this principle called revenge dieting. It's very simple. :iconrarityishappyplz: If it breathes and its kind serves to annoy me I eat it.
:iconrarityknowsplz: Cats? They're carnivores; they eat nothing but meat. Get on my bad side and I'll loosen up one link in the food chain.
:iconrarityknowsplz: Cows? I like cows. They're useful. Chickens likewise. :iconrarityrapefaceplz: But that cockatrice that almost petrified you? Spit roasted with chives and olives.
:icontwilightwhatplz: Whoa, slow down there, Dexter. :iconrarityduckfaceplz: What? Cockatrice might taste like bacon wrapped in ecstasy and you'll never know.
:icontwilightwhatplz: Bacon? :iconrarityfacehoofplz: Oh, right. Bacon is something else.

Background by Mandydax, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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Dang! Does she not care how her main tast!