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Pink Isn't Your Colour

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:iconpinkiepieplz: If Rarity was called Wawity when she was a filly, Fluttershy Fwuttershy, Twilight Twily, Dash dashie, and Applejack Abblejack... then what's my filly name?
:iconrarityplz: Uh... Pink... ie- huh. This is going to be harder than I expected.
:icondashcoolplz: Pinkabetes? :iconapplejackplz: Pinkie Tart? Hah? :iconpinkiepieplz: That's clever :iconpinkamenaplz: But the alliteration is GONE!
:iconprincesstwilightplz: You guys are missing something; Pinkie is always cute. She doesn't need a cute name
:iconpinkiecuteplz: :icontwilightsparkleplz: See? Now I have to take my cute-abetes meds to offset all that cute [takes the entire bottle].

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Someone call me an ambulance I'm dying of cuteness.
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Ponies should be naked.
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Her name was full Pinkamena so Pinkie is her cute name of nickname or Pinkady
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Pinkie...Pot Pie?
No, that doesn't match her sweetness.
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Rarity- Pwetty dwess!
Pinkie- YEAH!

Rarity- Eye-winer!

Rarity- Bwush!

Rarity- Ma-scare-wuh!

Pinkie- I bored...
Rarity- Haiw Gel!

Rarity- now... Wip-stick!

Rarity- huh?
Pinkie- I'm done!
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Is a blush bwush or a brush bwush?

Wawity: “bwushy bwush-bwush!”


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Cutie Pie is my choice for Pinkie Pie filly name Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] Heart Love 
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Binky Pie? No? Too punny?
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Sunshine: ARGG My Heart. *faints*
Spex: Yo Sunshine, you alright?
Sunshine: .......
Spex: Yeah your gonna be fine.
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She's a little itty bitty twinkie pinkie! :)
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I am now hungry for filly dresses.
My own clothes will have to do~ OM NOM NOM NOM oh look I'm naked~ Yay~

I have no idea what the above comment was meant to serve. I just got out of bed. That's my excuse. :P
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awwww rarity's first dress was eaten by pinkie pie!
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Pwinkie winkie
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Pinkie prefers to be called Pinkie and be naked. End of story

PD: Don't call her Pinkamena if you dont want to call her dark side...
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