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My Sweetest Friend

I fed my sis today; now hunger is what she feels. I focus on some milk; her favourite kind of meal.
The bottle in her mouth, a form'la I'm try-ing. Tried to feed it all at once, 'til the bottle she ceased to cling.
What have I become, my little sis? An orphan with her mom, and her dad, both amiss...
And you can have it all, my e'ry ounce of love. Me and Big Mac tall; our friendship's enough.

Granny wears these dusty hooves, upon this weathered mare. Many apples picked, that I can then prepare. Beneath the smells of pie, the kitchen live as is. Winona sits outside, her mouth begins to fizz.
What have I become, my little sis? My cutie mark has come, I will run, the fam'ly biz.
With Big Mac at my side, we will run the farm. I'll help find your mark, and keep you ways from harm.
If I could start again, a millions miles away. I would keep my friends; I'd live for today.

Background from :iconboneswolbach:
What I was referencing. Johnny Cash does a cover of a song by Nine Inch Nails.
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Can i make a base out of it iTS a request for someone
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is that like a poem in the discreption? just sayin'
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Can I make a base of this? I'll give credit.
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apple bloom and apple jack are so adorable! i think i wanna hug those apple sisters! Huggle! 
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NyanKittyAndTacNyan's avatar
I now notice that out of the whole apple family apple jack is the closest thing she has to a mom
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My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away in the eeeend.
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NGGhhhh!!!(heart attack)
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soon to become creepybloom.....
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Read the title of the picture and instantly thought of Hurt :3
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Awh. So! Cute!
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