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:iconprincesscadanceplz: Uh... Are there any toys she can play with? :iconshiningarmorplz: Keep her away from the wooden blocks, the wooden trainset, the wooden... everything.
:iconshiningarmorplz: We tried using plastic toys, but then the house started to smell like burnt plastic. :iconprincesscadanceplz: Oh, that's too bad.
:iconshiningarmorplz: The sandbox out back works. Just don't step in there because it's filled with glass. :iconprincesscadanceplz: I guess a hot bath won't be too hard then.
:iconshiningarmorplz: It's more like a sauna, but you get used to it. :iconprincesscadanceplz: Is that the only positive perk about babysitting Twilight? :iconshiningarmorplz: Pretty much.
 :iconshiningarmorplz: Everything else is a pain. I figured out that reading to her makes her sit in one place. :iconprincesscadanceplz: Time for a 6-hour reading marathon.
:iconshiningarmorplz: I'll probably never know the specifics, but just how rich do you have to be in order to hire a Princess to babysit?
:iconprincesscadanceplz: You'll need more money than Princess Celestia. :iconprincesscelestiaplz: Hey, I don't even need money.
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: All Princess Sun Butt needs is the cake in the break room and Princess Luna to stay entertained.
:iconlunamlpplz: Sister, someone put a bucket filled with glue atop my bedroom door again. It's very infuriating.
:iconlunamlpplz: Also, we might need to order more coffee cake in the guards' break room. :iconprincesscelestiaplz: Guards love coffee cake. Mystery solved.
:iconlunamlpplz: The caterer placed 10 whole coffee cakes in there at 2AM, left the room, and found 10 empty trays 5 minutes later.
:iconlunamlpplz: Polls have recently discovered that the guards actually hate coffee cake. :iconprincesscelestiaplz: Oh... well... I'll get to the bottom of this!
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: Twilight Sparkle, get to the bottom of this. :iconhappytwilightplz: YAAAYY!!! I won't let you down!

Background by Pesifeindx, all other art assets by me.
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Princess Cadence Worried You're lucky you're cute, that's all I'm saying.

Shinning Armor (Worried) mlp season 6 Are you talking to Twilight or me?

Cadence Really WTF Oh, um, yes?