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Marked for Sweetie

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:iconsweetiebelleplz: Wawity ah fiwwed aww da pages in my colouring book. :iconraritysmileplz: *zzz:iconsweetiebellplz: Wawity? Wawity:iconraritysmileplz: *zzz*
:iconsweetiebelleshyplz: I want another colouring book... if that's okay with you:iconraritysmileplz: *zzz* :iconsweetienotsureplz: Ooh! You have a pwetty drawing on your side!
:iconsweetieepiphanyplz: Time to finish the pattern! [Pulls out a marker]
:iconraritywhatplz: The dream happened to me again. It keeps happening to me and never stops repeating itself.
:iconrarityitisonplz: I was filly staying with my uncle and aunt in Manehatten. We were having tea to shrug off the cold and cloudy weather that evening.
:iconrarityhoofinmouthplz: I glance out the window; the silhouette of a great alicorn descended from the sky. It was coming towards me.
:iconrarityshockedplz: She landed on our balcony, and phased through the wall into the company of my family.
:iconrarityomgplz: I remember looking over to my family, only to realize they've stood there frozen the entire time.
:iconrarityduckfaceplz: The grey mist that flowed around them were a means of temporal chains. I was sat there petrified as the grey mare approached me.
:icondatrarityplz: It lifted me up, forced me to stare into its dull, glowing blue eyes as it drew its breath and wisps of grey left my body.
:icondatrarityplz: All I could feel were pinpricks all over myself as wisps of blackness left my body in every place. I was being cleansed.
:iconraritynoesplz: There I saw a cloud of blackness- all my hatred, pride, greed, and annoyance- right there.
:iconrarityitisonplz: The mysterious stranger was no monster. To filter all my negative energy and show me my true greatness came at a price.
:iconrarityshockedplz: It came at a great price. It took that energy and compressed it into the one thing I would fear the most.
:iconrarityshockedplz: Something I would have to live with for the rest of my days when I've awoken. :iconsweetiebelleyayplz: Rarity! I ran outta colouring book pages
:iconsweetiebelle-fim: But look at your hooves! Aren't they pretty?! :iconrarityissrsplz: THAT. :iconsweetiebelleyayplz: Can we get pizza tonight?
:iconsweetiebelleyayplz: I did the rest of your body too because I was bored and knew I'd be grounded if I drew on the walls. So I drew on you instead!

Filly vector originally by TechRainbow
Background by Mandydax
I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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Legoboy186Student Digital Artist
Angry Rarity icon SWEETIE BELLE!
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GideonBernsteinHobbyist Writer
This reminds me of a Good Luck Charlie episode I once saw.
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That is some ART SKILL for just a baby!
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But you're pretty now!
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tamagosqueezeHobbyist Digital Artist
Dat ass...
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Grrrr SWEETIE BELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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MariathekittenStudent Artist
Awesome and just plane out coolness
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XylenneIsNotAmazingStudent Digital Artist
Her aura is green a
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sweetie belle have some amazing skill as baby
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nyanpheonix101 General Artist
I think she has two talents now...
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rarity looks good with the markings.
fluttershylover20's avatar
I agree. She does look beautiful with the markings.
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Matt3985Student Filmographer
Double LOL 
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that impressive
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Cream1311Student Traditional Artist
souuuuuuu cuuuuuuuuuute Squishy Pinkie Pie Icon Squishy Fluttershy icon Squishy Rarity Icon Squishy Fluffle Puff Icon *Free Icon/Emote* Fluffershy Pusheen 
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The scene is very funny!  :lmao: However,I guess that somepony gonna win many spanks on the bun... ^^;
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Vacuum-SadnessStudent General Artist
wait, do you know about the Eyes=magic rule?
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Randomrainbowz101Hobbyist General Artist
this actually doesn't work. It's cutie mark=magic. Twilight's eyes are purple, her magic is pink.
Vacuum-Sadness's avatar
Vacuum-SadnessStudent General Artist
And Sweetie Bell's magic is green. Same as her eyes.
Vacuum-Sadness's avatar
Vacuum-SadnessStudent General Artist
wait never mind.
Vacuum-Sadness's avatar
Vacuum-SadnessStudent General Artist
 But her magic still isn't pink. The reason why they make her magic pink is because that is the color of most villains magic.
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