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:icontrixieconfident: And now my partner Fluttershy shall make her signature disappearing act! :iconfluttershysqueeplz: [Puts her hooves over her face]
:icontrixieohohplz: Whoa, where'd she go? :iconhappycelestiaplz: I don't know, where did she go? :iconcelestiawtfplz: No, seriously, where'd she go? It's almost dinner time.
:iconfluttershysqueeplz: [Can barely control her giggling:iconhappycelestiaplz: I guess I'll have to have her share of food; no point letting some good bean slop go to waste.
:iconfluttershynoesplz: *gasp!* :iconfluttersqueeplz: Ah wanna da beanses! :iconfluttercuteplz: Num num num num num! :icontrixiesurprisedplz: Behold!
:icontrixiesurprisedplz: The great and powerful Fluttershy has made her food disappear in the blink of an eye! :iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Amazing. Truly amazing.

All art assets by me, MLP (c) Hasbro. If it is the year 2104 or later MLP will be copyrighted under the interplanetary conglomerate of the planet Juri in the star system LW-1705.
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Well, you have to start somewhere.
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Guess you gotta start young, huh?
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ErrorArt09Student Digital Artist
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omg adorable!!!
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Abba _ ka"dab"ba!
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Dawnfur8888Hobbyist Writer
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HighRollerHydraHobbyist General Artist
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Pastel-Pony-ArtistStudent Digital Artist
Awww, that's too cute! :)
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rosealuck14Hobbyist Digital Artist
dat description
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the skills may be of a beginner's level, but they're just too DAMN adorable on how this act was done.
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Vegeta! What does the scounter say about this cuteness level?!



ITS OVER 9000!!!
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ThePonyGenerationsHobbyist Artist
I think my heart just imploded
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MLPegasis4898Hobbyist Digital Artist
Too adorkable...! :aww::aww: :aww:
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Dashie-PotterStudent General Artist
mlNyan Dash Nyan Rainbow Rainbow Dash messy mane sprite Fluttershy Filly Chibi Babs Seed Icon Chibi Soarin Icon Rainbow Dash (cry) plz 
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LunaBonnefoyStudent Artist
The Gweat and Poweful Twixie stwikes again!
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Puffed-ArtistStudent Digital Artist
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 Flowey Omega - UNDERTALE - Icon GIF spooky doe
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HarryCreeperStudent Artist
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SnapCentinoStudent Writer
Both description and comic are equally hilarious.
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This may be one of the most adorable things I've ever seen... 
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Hey, you used my oc!
I kind of get irritated seeing people using spam clapping ponies even ocs for no reason.
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