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Iced Ice Babies

:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: AGAGHShssbsinbsb :iconfillyrarityplz: AHHHHTHAHTHAHTHAH! :iconsadpinkieplz: Moom moom moom moom moom!
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! :iconsadpinkieplz: BA da ga ga ga! :iconfillyrarityplz: pbbbbbtttt!!! hmph.
:iconbabyrainbowdashplz: *gasp!* We made iceys! :iconsadpinkieplz: BWU WASBEWWI! :iconfillyrarityplz: SNAW KAHNS!!
:iconlaurenfaustplz: You guys have snowcones? I wanna snowcone! :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: NO. NO snowcone for you!
:iconlaurenfaustplz: Now listen here you jerk; I WANT A SNOWCONE :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: NO SNOWCONES FOR YOU!
:iconlaurenfaustplz: Urgh! Spoiled brat. :iconbabyrainbowdashplz: [picks away the ice around Fausticorns legs and throws some syrup on it] Hewe you go.
:iconlaurenfaustplz: Heh. You guys are awesome.

Well there you have it. Unlimited snowcones.

All art assets by me.
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