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Feeding Scootaloo

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:iconrainbowdashwtfplz: Wow; I kinda wish I organized my fridge. :icondashnoesplz: Oh Alpha Egghead, how does one organize their fridge? :iconfacehoofplz: Stop calling me that.
:iconrainbowdashwtfplz: I have stopped caling you that; but it hasn't reorganized my fridge! :icontwilightchallengeplz: Uh... do you at least know the basics?
:icontwilightchallengeplz: What's in the dairy box, for instance? :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: Uh... hm. Whoa :iconprincesstwilightplz: What?
:iconrainbowdashwtfplz: There's a cow in my dairy spot. Should I...?  :icontwilightchallengeplz: Never mind. What about your vegetable crisper? :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: What?
:icontwilightchallengeplz: It should be the bottom-most shelf. :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: Okay; I see it- :iconspyplz: Kill me. :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: But friendship is magic :icontwilightchallengeplz:...And the other one?
:iconprincesscelestiaplz: Rainbow Dash, let me out. :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: But I want you to be the ice Princess Elsa one day. :iconprincesscelestiaplz: Try putting me in the freezer.
:iconrainbowdashwtfplz: I can't believe I didn't think of that. :icontwilightchallengeplz: Is this even your fridge? Where are you? :iconrainbowdashwtfplz: In the snowy mountain range?
:icontwilightchallengeplz: What?! Where are you? :icondashnoesplz: I checked behind from the older cider flasks I had; I have found the source of all the cold.
:icontwilightchallengeplz: What is it? What is the source of all the cold? :icondashnoesplz: I see it now- :iconrainbowdashsquealplz: It's your love life! :iconrain-bopplz::icontwilightsparkleplz:

Background by BonesWolbach, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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SwiftgaiatheBrony's avatar
At least Rainbow Dash mustard enough courage to acknowledge her mistake.

eta-gamma-14's avatar
I see what you did there.
LachlanDingoOfficial's avatar
LachlanDingoOfficialHobbyist Digital Artist
Nin10Boy6464's avatar
Expectation Subversion 
imsokewl27's avatar
I would have taken that five alarm mustard-and rammed it in Scootaloo's mouth to make her cry. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
And now the best cannon choice of Scootaloo home life is her as orphan. Good job DHX on finding a way to make Scootaloo being an orphan the least sad possibly 
eta-gamma-14's avatar
Sorry, Scoot canonically has parents now. They just appeared in the latest season.
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
First off, this clearly well before that happen. Second off, I know. Third off, they being canon have only made this statement more true. At lest she has her aunts
rautamiekka's avatar
rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Beats me how I haven't faved neither this or the comic dub. Oh well, not too late.
Sumi-mlp25's avatar
Sumi-mlp25Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Um... Isn't Dash supposed to be a filly when Scoot was a baby?
rautamiekka's avatar
rautamiekkaStudent Artist
Canonically maybe (she might be same as the teen Aj instead, which might still be called filly if it's decided by taking reality into count), but the point is to forget canon.
Sumi-mlp25's avatar
Sumi-mlp25Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Um.... Probably
pinkaloha31's avatar
pinkaloha31Student Digital Artist
weehawk99's avatar
and thus from spicy mustard we see a greater burn
Eevee-Trainer1's avatar
Eevee-Trainer1Hobbyist Writer
It was an accident. Just be lucky Scoots didn't eat any of it. Rainbow would be cleaning up a big mess if she had.
Underpable's avatar
UnderpableStudent General Artist
Of course you are, Dashie
Chespinite's avatar
ChespiniteHobbyist Digital Artist
PhoenixQNebula's avatar
I would love to see ore comics with RD as scoots mom... She is her mom in this comic or just a babysitter?
PaintbowPencil's avatar
PaintbowPencilHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually... Rainbow Dash is Scootaloo's older sister :D
PhoenixQNebula's avatar
Oh... well that's... meh.
ArthurCrane's avatar
Goddang Dash. That's not just a mistake. That's a severe miscalculation. 
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