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Equestria Girls - Princess Cadence

By Beavernator
Whelp. That does it. The internet has permanently corrupted me. GG WP No re.

Original vector by :iconcool77778:
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Can You Do Shining Armor Next?
Pauleen-MLP's avatar
would you mind if i use design of the dress :)
Pauleen-MLP's avatar
i love the design! <3
Dmagine's avatar
oooohhhhhh nooooo oooohhh nnooooo YES. no ok yeah watever its cute
TheBronywholikesGTA's avatar
i think i know where you got that from
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can i recolor this a bit please i can't find an EQG model for clara and this is perfect please i will gi you 10 :points:
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Isn't this based off Hoofbeat?
Can I use the body and hair off this piece of art?
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This is probably one of the most accurate depictions of an Equestira Girls Cadence. Good job.
PrincessDeathWish's avatar…

Did the user have permission to recolour over this?
Not bad.  I bet Discord in this universe runs a home for the mentally disturbed.:) (Smile) 
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I really love it! That's probably what she'd look like in Equestria Girls! :D
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man this is getting so scary 
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soooooooooooooooo pretty *u*
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This is beautiful I love it <3
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I'd like her better if she hat lighter clothes.:D (Big Grin) 
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Cadence would probably teach social studies, Discord does science, Sombra would be a drug dealer, and Chrysalis has slept with everyone
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I imagine Discord and Chyisalis to be a part of a vicious street gang (think the Purple Dragons from "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") called "The Changelings", and Luna was once part of that gang, where she earned the nickname "Nightmare Moon". Then Luna abadoned that name and that gang and became the principal of Canterlot High.

Cadence is the mayor of Canterlot.
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i think cadence is techer in the kindergarden 
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You're right, I forgot that Cadence foalsat Twilight. My idea for Nightmare Moon is that Luna got jealous and so went crazy for a bit before being sent to jail. She then came back after realizing that she was acting like a child
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so cute and nice
brook2003roxMC's avatar
best math teacher ever!
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she realy need  a new style xD
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Maybe you could do anther vector of her and I could give you tips on an outfit
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