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End of a Generation - Part 05

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:iconprincesscelestiaplz: If part of your revenge was to have me sit idly while you watch your plans and our kingdom unravel, then simple oblivion would have done nicely.

Part 6: End of a Generation - Part 06 by Beavernator
Entire series can be found here.

Background by StarshineCelestalis, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
Sunset is FOOL!
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Sunset is a fool. I said it on the last comic, and I'll reiterate it until she stops acting so blind. It's hardly difficult to discern that 'Tia is wildly popular, and Luna has rapidly gained in popularity since her return as well. You'd think a schemer like Sunset would recognize the power of proactively pursuing the favor of the next generation. Every filly and colt who's ever been saved from a nightmare adores Luna. Every mare and stallion who has read of how Celestia lead Equestria in prosperity for the past millennium or seen her in her royal glory loves her. You have to expect hatred for your revolution; they haven't left you anypony to appeal to. And if you're still in power five years from now, when there are pliable young minds who don't remember a time before your rule, you won't leave yourself anypony to appeal to after all the harsh policies you impose to maintain peace despite being universally despised.

By the way, I recommend including links to previous comics as well as next comics.
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Where did Sunset get information about a second queen?
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And so Begins, the power of Sunset Shimmer to make Equestria a better place. Hopefully it will all work out for the better.
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and so it begins.... 
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I think I know what she's planning.  She's going to make a golden throne that's attached to a shield generator, and plug herself in.  That way, she'll be the only thing that keeps the country safe!  Also, they'll probably have to sacrifice the life force of unicorns to keep her alive, and the machine powered when she grows old.

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When I was reading this, the moment I got up to 'golden throne' I said: "You sonofabitch!" :D (Big Grin) 
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Glory to the God-Empress of Ponykind
Centaur71's avatar
Wise Pony say; One whom cannot see past the end of their nose cannot see anypony else either...
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Sunset Shimmer isn't wrong though. Celestia's reign in recent years isn't exactly garnering a A+ on the old report card. Black Vines were enough to bring her low. She lost against the Changelings, and all the really big fights have been fought by others.
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The Sunset Shimmer´s realibility herself  and her humility are really awesome. :omfg:
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This is gonna end badly
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Sigh. She seems to genuinely not comprehend why ponies aren't overjoyed about the leader that's guided them through, oh, about a thousand years of stability and prosperity, has been unceremoniously deposed. Someone with that little understanding of their populace is never going to be able to rule well. Plus, it's perilously easy, for the smug and arrogant, to turn 'why won't they understand' into, 'they refuse to understand, refuse to acknowledge what I've done for them, they're so stubborn/stupid!' And, well... that's not a good thing for an absolute ruler to think.
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Especially that, so far, SS has done absolutely nothing.
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waraiigoeHobbyist Digital Artist
She seems so sure of herself all the time >_>
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It would be pretty funny if it all worked out.

:iconprincesslunaplz::iconsays3plz:So, after Sunset saved everyone from the return of the Sirens, the kingdom is stable and the ponies of Equestria love her. What now?
:iconprincesscelestiaplz::iconsays3plz:Uh, find a job, I guess?
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+1 for this plotline
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:iconadorablespikeplz::iconsays3plz:So, uhm... if the problem here is that the citizens don't like you, maybe we could try democra-
:icontwilightsparkleplz::iconsays3plz:Spike, not now. Grown-ups are talking.
:icondude2plz::iconsays3plz:Well, I mean, that way they could elect Celestia and Luna to run the government even without their magic pow-
:iconsunsetshimmerponyplz::iconsays3plz:Lizard, did you come down with an ear infection? PIPE DOWN. We're trying to create a workable solution for piecing together a country that's been forever dependent on a useless monarchy. Go chow on some priceless gems or something while we discuss our economic problems.
:iconangryspikeplz: (Sigh)
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DesgarHobbyist Digital Artist
And I just got done reading a fic where Applebloom is shushed by Applejack because the grown-ups are talking and don't think a filly has anything of present significance to offer.

Kids (and fillies and baby dragons) don't get proper cred a lot.  :shrug:
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"forever dependent on a useless monarchy"

Well, if they are dependant to them, they're not useless.

Besides, apart the coup d'état, you haven't done anything, Sunset Shimmer.
The Princesses, though, have ruled Equestria for millenias.
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Oh no, not the dreaded rational-but-ignored side-character syndrome!
SFaccountant's avatar
It's been a problem.
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ArcCahlonHobbyist Traditional Artist
uhm sunny dear, you have the bearer of the elements of harmony and there best friend as your adviser. I do not see any need to worry about enemies, after all. they did all the fighting before anyway.
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
"they did all the fighting before anyway."

All of the show-visible fighting.
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