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End of a Generation - Part 02

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:iconsunsetshimmerponyplz: I'm aware you probably won't like what I'm about to do next.

Part 3: End of a Generation - Part 03 by Beavernator
Entire series can be found here.

Background (Panel 1, 5, and 6) by EROCKERTORRES
Princess Celestia vector (Panel 5, 6) by SonicBreakbeat 
I claim ownership of all other art assets
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You either have to darken Celestia's mane or her face, because man that brightness hurts my eyes.
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mirtar34Hobbyist Digital Artist
What illusion did she use on Tirek? 
erictheblue's avatar
she made him think he was sick, or poisoned.
i remember a similar trick in an old comic book, a super-villain was defeated by an illusion that made him think he would die unless he gave up his powers.
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MustacheOfAwesomeHobbyist General Artist
I'm confused.
SpyroD's avatar
Apparently neither was I... ignore the other comment... didn't notice the others were already up... o feel stupid... again...
Uh oh
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Take down a powerful and dangerous villain with a hokey-pokey was a great idea! :nod: This pony would can be the Loki´s pet.  :giggle:
alexwarlorn's avatar
Too convoluted. 
ChaosDrgon's avatar
...... Masters? Since when did Tirek have 'masters'? And how could he be stopped by a simple illusion? And how did Sunset Shimmer even /get/ there?! I feel like there was a bad fanfic I was supposed to have read before viewing this.
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waraiigoeHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh nuuuuuu
Sturmlion1's avatar
I for one welcome our new Bacon Maned Overlord.
Darkagumon2000's avatar
Homer Simpson MMMMMM.....Bacon.
Sturmlion1's avatar
And every stallion in the kingdom would happily follow her rule and not understand why. Because Bacon is subliminal.
mime432's avatar
Shit got real
GUILLE832's avatar
I imagine she learned this meticulous manipulation of individuals and events in highschool.
AJR001's avatar
Sunset Shimmer = :iconspyplz:
FromTheMoon92's avatar
I see that Celestia has taught Sunset Shimmer well.
LordKane666's avatar
my god best plot ever must read more 
psychicscubadiver's avatar
I hope we get some actual explanation for this, because thus far the plot makes no sense.

Did Equestria Girls even happen? Because if so then she has no way back to Equestria (not to mention her change of heart after being cured by the Magic of Friendship). With the implication that she arranged this entire plan, she would have had to have been in Equestria this whole time.

Okay, so Tirek took the magic from Twilight after their fight, but what stopped her from opening the Rainbow Power? Even if Sunset showed up, Twilight and her friends were already on their way to the Tree of Harmony to use the keys.

Also, how did Sunset defeat Tirek? He had the power of four alicorns and Discord and she ... used an illusion? And despite all that power he was unable to see through it? Or simply overpower her? Wait, it doesn't even need to be that complicated; why didn't he just steal her magic as he did to every other unicorn he came across.

If this an Alternate Universe you're going to need to give some background, because trying to fit this with cannon (up the the divergent point) opens some gaping plot holes.
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Just keep reminding yourself: It's fanfiction. It doesn't have to make sense.:)
psychicscubadiver's avatar
Good fanfiction does. The same way any good story does, regardless of its origins.
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Trollset Shimmer
leoncita234's avatar
Fakiu Sunset!!!
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demiprimordialgalHobbyist Digital Artist
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