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Derpy Bucks Her First Tree

:iconapplejackplz: Errr... anyone got any theories on how somethin' like that's even possible?
:iconironmanplz: Uh... I don't know, but JARVIS imploded when I asked him.
:iconbatmanplz: It probably involves a wormhole... or something? I have no idea. The Justice League might have answers.
:icongordonfreemanplz: ...
:iconsheldoncooperplz: Oh, I know! Your mother's so fat the apples magically levitated and reattached to the nearest tree when she approached it. Bajingle.
:icondoctorwhoplz: You fool; Doctor Freeman had the right answer all along- she... she's just Derpy.
:iconapplejackplz: I guess that'll have to cut it for now. Have an apple.
:icondoctorwhoplz: No, thank you. Apples are rubbish... and heresy.

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It's all good, Derpy.