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Awake In A Dream

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:iconapplebloombunnyplz: ♪ Cuz now- now it seems. That I'm awaaaake in a dream!  :iconapplejackreally: So you're just in a dream?
:iconapplebloombunnyplz: ♪ And I'll do- I'll do anything- to stay here foreveeeer! ♪ :iconapplejackwhatplz: What if you had to wake up to achieve that?
:iconapplebloombunnyplz: ♪ And if this is a dream- I'm not gonna wake up.  :iconapplejackwhatplz: No graba-bruba putalita make-up?
:iconapplebloombunnyplz: ♪ But if I'm awake I won't close my eyes again. ♪ :iconapplejackreally: ♪ Cuz now- now it seems. That I won't- close my eyes again. ♪
:iconlikelystoryplz: Hey, what are you doing?! :iconapplejackishappyplz: That my eyes will staaay heeeere foreveeerrr! :iconlikelystoryplz: Applejack. 
:iconapplejackishappyplz: And I'll do- I'll do anything, to make dream-works close foreveeerrrr. :iconshrekplz: NO. :iconapplejackblush: Okay

Background by HaveBKYourWay, I claim ownership of all other art assets.
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JewelBandiBunHobbyist General Artist
Somebody once- wait, wrong song. :lol:
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That's just adorable. :)
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Philip-BoomStudent Artist
APPLEBLOOM IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mathias001Professional Digital Artist
xXMidnightDereXx's avatar
Omfg, when I saw little Applebloom poke her tiny little legs out from beneath Applejack's hat, I legit died from cuteness.
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Fandom-CrockpotHobbyist General Artist
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HeavenlyArtisteHobbyist Traditional Artist
Cute~ :meow:
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Ugly-Duckling123-2Hobbyist Artist
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WinterslynchStudent Artist
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MathematicGreen Photographer
It's so cute that I'm gonna die.🤗
Winterslynch's avatar
WinterslynchStudent Artist
You know the part "I'm scawed" I thought she mean't "I'm screwed" XD
MathematicGreen's avatar
MathematicGreen Photographer
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time-table123Hobbyist Digital Artist
the description made me lol XD
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timber44487Student Artist
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DankTheWolfHog Digital Artist
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xXRosettaCookieXxHobbyist Digital Artist
Aj haz no freckles. adorable! Kawaii La 
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ToonsGirlStudent General Artist
Awwwwwwww!!! I love the part where Apple Bloom came out of AJ's hat! So adorable!
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DankTheWolfHog Digital Artist
ha! Not rly m8
this just b8
plz r8 8/8
P-hon-E's avatar
P-hon-EStudent Artist
spam & chainmail DX
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love and life does not approve of applejack
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Amber-the-Pirate-FoxHobbyist General Artist
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