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Applebloom's Doodle

:iconapplebloomplz: If I can draw it, it exists!
:iconmlpdiscordplz: Really? Well I'm about to draw me up a dozen donuts! [Draws a box of donuts on the chalkboard before they peel off and form a soft, fragrant, warm batch of fresh donuts]
:iconapplebloomplz: Ah wow! Ah want one! What flavours ye got?
:iconmlpdiscordplz: Well, let's see, shall we? We have an earwax glazed donut... seagull- tannerite- ooh I'm keeping THAT one! Hm... what about grandma? You want a donut that tastes like grandma? Wait, here's a flavour you might want! [Gives a plain-looking donut to Applebloom]
:iconapplebloomplz: [Takes a bite before promptly spitting it out] *Ptoo!* This donut tastes like ass!
:iconmlpdiscordplz: Exactly! That was the ass-flavoured donut! You have quite the pallet!

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I should also mention; this was originally a joke done in the Simpsons. Ms. Hoover says "Ralph, Jesus did not have wheels", and for the life of me I can't find a clip of it anywhere. Oh well.
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i've been looking at art for an hour with the papers please theme in my head going nonstop nice comic by the way
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Discord not having wheels now he does
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Where did apple bloom learn the A-word??????????????
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I guess it's not Discord after all. It's Dis-CART!
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Discord: You called? Troll 
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awww applebloom is so cute when she does that

lol funny
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Well, I suppose Discord's favourite pony would be Wheely Booper, then! ;)
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hey dude can i use the last part this comic for something in a dub???
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Cheerilee: Discord doesn't have wheels.
AppleBloom: He's Discord, he could have seven asses if he wants.
Cheerilee: You have a point.
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:iconcheerileeplz::iconsaysplz:Watch your language Applebloom!
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ass flavored donut now thats yummy
this principle is why many worlds exist, like Chalkzone.

Rudy's got the chalk
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God damn it autocorrect. Looks like cherilee got discordrolled
lol2365's avatar
Looks like Cherokee got discord rolleddiscord rolled
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Discord- NOW I DO!
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:iconmlpdiscordplz::iconsaysplz: That is so accurate!
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Oh yes he DOES! :D
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"Applebloom, Discord doesn't have wheels." Says who?
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Now Discord's a monster truck.
:iconmlpdiscordplz: A monster truck?
Chaos on wheels. :D
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:iconapplebloomplz::iconsays3plz:Buck you, Ah draw what Ah want.
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sanselam:come ooooon  - CABOOOOOOOOOOOM(discord vanishes on the mars)
apple bloom:how-d-d-did you make thaaaaaat?
sanselam:just an alicon trick :D
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