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And Now Her Watch Has Begun

By Beavernator
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:iconderpy-hooves: Oh boy! I can't wait to show you all to my friends! :iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Erm... about that :iconderpy-hooves: What?
:iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Due to some complaints lobbed at us that your character might be offensive to certain special needs people...
:iconcelestiaunamusedplz: We have to cut you out of the show indefinitely. :iconderpy-hooves: But... I was made this way! You can't just shut me out!
:iconcelestiaunamusedplz: Between you and me it's a decision neither of us want to make. :iconderpy-hooves: I... who could possibly do this?!
:iconlaurenfaustplz: Let me get this straight, Lord Baelish. George RR Martin wants to write the next storyboard for the next My Little Pony episode?
:iconlittlefinger-fans: Of course. What's the worst that can happen?

Background by CloudshadeZer0, all other art assets by me.
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CaiotheDuckStudent Artist

This's so cute Judy - (Crying) Icon

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Thunderlime374Hobbyist Artist
Adorable!!!!! ^^
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MCDogWarriorHobbyist Digital Artist
Keep watch on her 
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How cute.lovely.
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XenoTeeth3Hobbyist General Artist
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Heart attack Hnng Too much , i cant handle it Faint [YT Tobuscus] 
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Too sweet... :iconhnnnnngplz:
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My heart cant handle this. Too much cuteness.*ded*
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Later, she made a comeback.
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Tesla51Hobbyist General Artist
Awwww.... Derpy... she might be a derpy, but she's a sweet momma.
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Best mum ever
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Magiepony has dubbed this.
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Pinka13Student Digital Artist

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Awwww... :D
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Daaaw that was really cute.
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xX-Strangeness-XxHobbyist General Artist
Derpy is best mom...
always knowing the right way to play with her kiddos
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Sny-porHobbyist General Artist
This amount of adorableness could make just about anyone have a heart attack.
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Makes my heart melt.
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Very toughing, really adorable, sweet Comic.
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TheRockinStallionHobbyist Traditional Artist
Derpy is such a cool mom!! ^3^
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violinpon3Student Digital Artist
super touching
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Even though I don't really like the fact that most of the fandom sees Derpy as Dinky's mom, seeing as how supposedly an earth stallion and a pegasus mare gave birth to a unicorn filly, this is still too fuckin' adorable'
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