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All Friendship is Magic

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Big MacIntosh vector(Panel 5) by CheshireTwilight
Everything else is by me.
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To everyone that doesn't get it, I'm pretty sure the uploader made the comic just to state his opinions on LGBT.
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DubStepinaHobbyist General Artist
They would really match as gays; muscular Mac and skinny Trend. xP
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HassouTobi27Hobbyist Artist
I ship it now
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DubStepinaHobbyist General Artist
hahaha Thumbs Up 

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I never got why so many of us want to police other people's personal lives to begin with. 
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SharkbrushStudent General Artist
...I have nothing to say.
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CrystalCriticHobbyist Traditional Artist

This would've been my favorite epsiode.
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E-guardiasHobbyist Digital Artist
imagine if they did that. i would get up and applaud for having such courage. 
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That would have been a more entertaining episode...
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In a land where mares surpass colts 20 to 1...

In a land where many mares are secretly lesbians hiding in clouds (RD) or just "living together" (Lyra and Bon Bon)...

In a land of originally cute ponies just for little girls...

In a G4 full of "pegasis" fans of yaoi...

The rose of gayness flourish in secret, under the hot sun over the barns and ponyville basements...

PD: Sweet Apple Acres = Brokeback Mountain xD

PD2: It's pretty obvious in an universe like FIM many colts will turn gay hahaha...and Big Mac is "famed" about that between fans (BM x Shining Armor is the biggest gay ship in FIM IIRC)

PD3: Rarity, you will always have AJ xD
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You turned him gay LOL
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ASCToonsHobbyist Digital Artist
OMG 0_o
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sweetnsourtune25Hobbyist Digital Artist
:iconfancydiscordplz: : ugh gag 
btw, great comic
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He's going to in for a big surprise when he has to go to the back of the line. Derpy, Bon-Bon, Cheerilee, Nightmare Moon, and many others all want him, and Mac only likes the V.
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Those who ship him with Soarin and Caramel beg to differ.
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demiprimordialgalHobbyist Digital Artist
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but.. what about Spike ?... aww... :(  I mean Spike Likes Rarity ,not that he might be gay..
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MLPRocks190Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh gawd
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Made me laugh. ^.^
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yeeeeeah i figured Trenderhoof was gay when i first watched the episode
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GamziMakrHobbyist Digital Artist
Because Bible. 
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