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It's a long shot, but there's a reason Twilight Sparkle has 7 stars on her cutie mark now, right? And there's a reason the title references Se7en, right? And we're supposed to pronounce it "Sesevenen", right? No? Well... s***.

Panel 1: Twilight Sparkle vector by StarshineCelestalis.
Panel 2: Twilight Sparkle vector by kittyhawk-contrail (also used for Twilight Sparkle in panel 4).
Panel 3: Twilight Sparkle vector by Fallingferret.
Panel 4:  Trixie's vector originally by DrFatalChunk.
All vectors and backgrounds were all done by me.

EDIT: No, seriously, who submits these things for me? In any case, thanks for helping me get on EqD.…
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fanfics4everHobbyist General Artist
NO! If anyone's getting the 7th element it should be Spike!
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MiragePotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
Trixie (Bedroom Eyes) :as 7th element of the mane six, i shall be the element of  illusion!
Mystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Sunset Shimmer :you mean the mane seven
Mystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Sunset Shimmer :and i must say im the 7th element, your the 8th
Mystery Skulls Ghost Headbob Pony: Sunset Shimmer :im the element of forgiveness
Sunset Shimmer (Profile) :better call it the mane eight, yes?
Trixie (You!) :do you even know my name
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :how couldn't I, we are long lost sisters!
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :let me tell you the story...
Trixie (WHA?) :wait a second...
Sunset Shimmer (Angry) :DO NOT INTERUPT OR ELSE
Trixie (Huh?!) :...
Sunset Shimmer (Hah!) :good
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :anyway, when we we're younger we always played tricks on one another with our magic

Trixie (Bedroom Eyes) :*turns sunset's mane into trixie style
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :*gasp*
Sunset Shimmer (Profile) :*turns mane bacK*
Sunset Shimmer (Mischevious) :*turns trixie's mane into sunset style
Sunset Shimmer (Mischevious-1) :gotcha!
Trixie (Huh?!) :...
Trixie (Bedroom Eyes) :*turns mane back*
Trixie (Worried) :whats this?
Blue Pixel Orb :Fire-orb: :Red-orb: :skyblue-orb: :Pastelpurple-orb: :Pink-orb: :Violet-orb: :Black-orb: Globe  :Orange-orb: :Pink2-orb: sparkle :Mint-orb: :Blue-orb: :Silver-orb: :Grey-orb:
Princess Celestia Confident Plz :this is the crown of the 16 orbs of existance
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz :if any colors of the orbs we're broken, each pony of that color would be sent to a different universe
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz :so please do not touch them
princess Luna :*reaches for the white orb
Princess Celestia Angry Plz :dont even think about it
Princess Celestia Awe Plz :anywho
Glace Filly Trotter :princess celestia! a wild.....giant....insane...mouse has invaded equestrea! we need your help!
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz :already on it
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz :i will be right back girls
Trixie (Worried) :what if we destroyed the earth orb?
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :the entire equestrea would be sent to a different universe
Trixie (But...) :how do you know that
Sunset Shimmer (Profile) :research
Trixie (You!) :but you cant read
Sunset Shimmer (Angry) :nevermind that
Sunset Shimmer (Hah!) :lets destroy one
Trixie (Do you dare to challenge Trixie?) :lets destroy this yellow one
Trixie (About that...) :no offense but yellow is my worst favourite color
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :NO!
Trixie (Do you dare to challenge Trixie?) :*slowly reaches for yellow orb
Celestia rage mode engaged :i better hurry back to the girls, i heard sunset yell
Runaway Brain Julius dansing (free icon/plz) :leaving so soon?
Runaway brain creepy Julius plz :ok bye
Runaway brain Julius plz :that was the dumbest fight i ever had...
Princess Celestia Angry Plz :i heard that
Princess Celestia Confident Plz :girls, what is going on?
Princess Celestia (SUPER CEREAL) Plz :*gasp*
Trixie (Do you dare to challenge Trixie?) :*destroys the yellow orb*
Psychedelic Sunset
EQG Sunset Shimmer Worried Plz :...
Sunset Shimmer :i cant beileve trixie actually did that...
Celestia freaks out icon didn't just happen...
Celestia freaks out icon :NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Princess Celestia Angry Plz :trixie, go to your room
Princess Celestia Angry Plz :you'll be there for a year
Trixie (Huh?!) :no! no! your cant do that!
Princess Celestia Angry Plz :i just did
Trixie (Do you dare to challenge Trixie?) :oh no you did-n't!
Trixie (Bedroom Eyes) Magic Wand Magic Wand Magic Wand Magic Wand Magic Wand Magic Wand Magic Wand
Celestia rage mode engaged Magic Wand

Runaway Brain Julius dansing (free icon/plz) :oh no you dont!
Runaway brain creepy Julius plz :i already attacked ponyville, now its time to attack canterlot
Runaway brain Julius plz :and your first!
Runaway Brain Julius om nom icon/plz
WHAT?! Plz (Oswald the lucky rabbit) :nope! not happening! never!
Runaway brain Julius I came plz :osway
WHAT?! Plz (Oswald the lucky rabbit) :for the quadrillionth time, its oswald
WHAT?! Plz (Oswald the lucky rabbit) :anyway, time to finish you!
pillow fight fair fight Fun Fight :P Towel fightknight Fight :pillowfight: Fight Emote War is on :catfight: Do not try and bend the spoon ...
reply part 2!
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Sunset can't read ... even though she was Sun Butt's prime student? O_o
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
I died reading you're reply XD
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Oh, really? :-)

Well, if I managed to make you laugh with this little comment, then my day was good. :-)
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
nice icon plus it matches the story

many years later, after twilight became princess....

Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz :i'll be certain to get the crown back
after the whole thing was finished...
Twilight Sparkle (what!) plz :so you used to be trixie's sister, from what i understand?
Sunset Shimmer (Hah!) :exactly
Sunset Shimmer (Mischevious-1) :ever since i was sent to the human universe-
twilight sparkle (i love you) plz :so thats what its called!
Sunset Shimmer (Hah!) :yes
Sunset Shimmer (Mischevious-1) :anyway, i never even got to know the trixie there
Sunset Shimmer (Huh?) :honestly i dont understand how
Sunset Shimmer (Mischevious-1) :so....
Sunset Shimmer (Profile) :from what i heard you rid trixie from ponyville
Twilight Sparkle (wow what the happened here) plz : oh no...
Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz :hehehe...


what happened to evil mickey mouse:
Runaway Brain Julius om nom icon/plz :nooo! i lost!
WHAT?! Plz (Oswald the lucky rabbit) :if you promiss not to invade anything again i wont demand a rematch
Runaway brain creepy Julius plz :fine
evil mickey mouse fixed the mess and the incident was over
ViperPitsFilly's avatar
AWESOME!!!!! But that is not evil Mickey. That is Julius
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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
ViperPitsFilly's avatar
This guy :iconrbjuliusplz: his name is Julius
ponypal155's avatar
ponypal155Professional Filmographer
ViperPitsFilly's avatar
Ikr! :D

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ponypal155Professional Filmographer
i edited my reply
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Werewolf-KorraStudent Writer
Sesevenen sounds like someone with a really bad studder, like that OTHER Kevin Spacey who was a huge plot twist in a big crime thriller!
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SharkbrushStudent General Artist
Sunset's the 7th element of Forgiveness in my book.
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rocketman732Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Trixie wields the Element of Illusions. It makes sense since all magicians are just smoke and mirrors.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
Werewolf-KorraStudent Writer
Oh no, something vaguely resembling religious symbolism, quick, censor it!

For those who don't get the jab at extremist PC, watch Gaijin Goombah's look at Islamic iconography in Zelda.
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Oh I get you. Same stuff happened to Gruncle Stan's Fez.
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Seventh should be for:

If Hasbro wasn't evil and hear the fans: Derpy

Mostly probably since they want to put the EG merchandise up yours: Sunset Shimmer (still a good choice since i like her)

They should make another group and put in there all fans' favorites...there is a lot of space for Trixie, Lyra, Bon Bon, Vinyl Scratch, etc....
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mylittleponylover9Hobbyist Interface Designer
i would rather have Sunset SHimmer
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yeah, Trixie's a bitch...
derpy7778's avatar
Indeed, Trixie is "B team" choice...
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