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Faceup Progression on Jake Hujoo

My very first faceup attempt on my very first BJD! :D It's kinda crappy since I was SERIOUSLY limited with my tools and faceup supplies. >.< But overall, I think it turned out half decent, considering. ^^

I got my Jake Hujoo about a year and a half ago, that's also when I did this face up. Yes I know I'm only -now- uploading this. OTL Lets just say it's been a crazy year and I've been swamped lol.

I actually just got done removing this faceup, so maybe that's what inspired me to finally post this lol. Hopefully his next one will turn out better now that I have better faceup supplies! o3o
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That is positively EXCELLENT for a first faceup attempt. I bet with practice and better supplies you'll develop some mad skills.
It's amazing what a difference good supplies can make. Especially good pastels and brushes. My faceups have gotten much better just with upgrading my art supplies, same goes for my friends who customize. Good luck!
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Thank youuu! >//v//< I think I literally had to use real eyeshadows on him instead of chalk pastels. xD Then acrylic paints, makeup brushes and Mod Podge acrylic spray. x.x Thank god he's ABS and not resin lol. @-@ I finally have proper bushes and a decent set of pastels, so we'll see if that'll make a difference. ^^ I would love it if I could get good enough to take commissions! *-*
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Oh wow! I can't imagine trying to do a faceup with makeup brushes!
You should definitely do better with proper pastels and brushes.

You should really get testors dullcote or Mr. Super Clear spray, too, and an acrylic gloss medium to finish lips and such.
It really makes a difference to have a good flat finish, and spraying the blank head and in between pastel layers with a good matte spray like that helps the pastels stick and blend waaaaaay better, too. You can create a lot more depth like that.
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Oh I was terrified of doing a terrible job on him with such cheap supplies. XD
And I definitely plan on getting MSC with UV Protection, along with the others that you mentioned for my two new boys. *-* I think the only reason his faceup even came out half decent is because I've been into this hobby for 5+ years now and have looked at a LOT of dolls and faceup videos. xD And I actually did do his faceup in layers. ^^ That's probably why he looks so shiny though. >.o Even when the spray says it's matte. T_T