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To know you are not the only
made object in the world
is not the same as to feel it.
To walk the crumbling dirt,
to touch the smooth rock,
to see the beautiful landscape
of life open up to you,
welcoming you into the quiet fold.
To acknowledge that you aren't
the only creature in this world
is not the same as to embrace it.
To look into a tired dog's eyes,
to watch a kitten chase a toy,
to snuggle with an old friend in fur
and bask in the feeling of
acceptance, unconditional love.
To know you are not the only thing,
the only person, to walk this ground,
breathe this air, behold this sky,
is perhaps the best gift in this world.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 0
Just A Heart?
The heart gives what is needed,
asking for nothing in return.
The heart pumps out life, but also beauty.
A heart gives all that it has
for the greater good,
for everybody else.
A heart knows what's right
and wrong, good or bad.
The heart encompasses all in a
warm embrace, a womb of care.
A heart expresses what the brain
cannot—eternal Love.
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Archie!!! by BeautifulDisgrace09 Archie!!! :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 0 Coming at 'cha!! by BeautifulDisgrace09 Coming at 'cha!! :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 0 Lake Powell by BeautifulDisgrace09 Lake Powell :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 0 The Long Run by BeautifulDisgrace09 The Long Run :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 0
Is change a shift in thought,
or is it truly a physical move?
Can I willfully leave a town,
only to still be connected mentally?
Where do the boundary lines end
and begin?  Where's the bottle with the
tag 'drink me'?
When will the scenery change
in my brain?  Can a packed car bring
mental happiness, or will the Id
demand an address to feel peace?
How much of these inklings are a
hint to change my surroundings or
change my thought?
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 1
Another Chance
I'm trying to be better.
But you know I've been through a lot.
Please don't yell,
you know I can't handle anymore punishment.
What confuses me most is you.
You know what my past entailed;
the 'present me' is right in front of you.
I thought you were trying to help my future.
But instead I feel like a stranger
in my own skin, struggling to feel like a
part of the family while trying to shed
my own past fears and reservations.
You promised to give me more,
fill in the huge blank near my heart
that so many others have chiseled away.
I now get the feeling that another piece has crumbled.
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Do not shed tears for those
who have not died.
Do not hang your head in shame
for the mistakes you may have made.
For all is right in the world.
Nothing is out of place.
Nobody has been left behind,
nor will the door be shut for those who wait.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 1
My Job
The transformation will take place.
The lifted body will be heavy
at first, but that's to be expected.
Cold, dark eyes will blink one night,
full, clear eyes will open in the morning.
The tired, tired limbs will creak,
but only for a step or two, until the
love and care seep into the marrow.
The anger and hate will try to be present,
trying to seep in from the background, but you know
that won't mean a thing in the long run.
The love is always there, enveloping everyone.
It's my job to discover it, show it, and to let it
flow freely and be expressed in every paw, whisker, and tail.
Everyone has their own place.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 1
The Ultimate Eyesore
I am a liar of dreams,
a farce of reality.
I am the one who creeps in the attic,
invades the eyeballs.
I seep into floorboards, waiting for the
right moment to rot.
Staying in plain view, you cannot avoid me,
a constant hangnail.
I am the one who can be whatever you fear, hate;
painful memories are my specialty.
But only if you let me through the front door.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 1 1
Beautiful by BeautifulDisgrace09 Beautiful :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 6
A Gift
A heart knows what's right and wrong,
good or bad.
A heart expresses what the brain cannot,
eternal Love.
A heart encompasses all in a warm embrace,
a womb of care.
A heart gives all that it has for the greater good,
for everybody else.
A heart gives what is needed,
asking for nothing in return.
A garden grows beauty, power,
and Life.
A garden nurtures a seedling,
watching it live and mature.
A garden plants good deeds, actions,
and kindness.  
A garden soaks up the sun's rays,
reflecting all that is bright.  
A garden makes sure every leaf of every plant
receives all it needs to shine forth.     
Just like a mother.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 1 10
Cutie Bean by BeautifulDisgrace09 Cutie Bean :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 1 5
You know sometimes I don't even know why I try.
Why I try to make this mess of a life into something real.
Into something real with real parents, real clothes, a real life.
A real life where there are freedoms for me, you, and anyone else.
And anyone else can have the life they wanted, strived for, grasped.
Strived for, grasped, but was it out of reach?  Did they only dream it?
Only dream it, the big two-letter word that can mean anything.
Can mean anything really; a goal, achievements, hopes, dreams or a wish.
Or a wish for the world to finally pull its head out of its ass and listen, feel.
And listen, feel, touch, hear the cries of the fallen, sick, misguided, injured.
Sick, misguided, injured; the ones who really have the mess of a life,
not you, not me.
:iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 11
Pleased to Meet You by BeautifulDisgrace09 Pleased to Meet You :iconbeautifuldisgrace09:BeautifulDisgrace09 0 2


old peach by Apofiss old peach :iconapofiss:Apofiss 5,962 248 Venom by MurderousAutomaton Venom :iconmurderousautomaton:MurderousAutomaton 63 20
My Angel
she's out there
whatever her name may be.
she'll smell like springtime,
like sweet rain falling from the lonely clouds,
she'll carry their tears.
her dark hair will fall just past
her shoulders,
so that i can drown my face
in the streams of her rippling locks,
and i'll tell her she smells like the vanilla dew
that hangs on the tips of every golden blade of grass
that grows along the vintage streets of
she'll play the piano,
with songs i never knew.
i'll sit beside her as she plays,
and my eyes would watch as her fingers gently
but firmly
press down on every melodious key.
she'll look at me and tell me that it's okay
when i just want to watch a movie,
because sometimes the weather,
the snow, the sun, and the gentle mocking rain,
is too much to deal with.
and she finds it amazing
and beautiful
how two can sit for hours
without saying a word,
and still grow closer.
she'll write us a world.
her golden green eyes
will pierce my deep green,
setting them al
:iconunforgivenrose:UnforgivenRose 9 30
Wallpaper puenktchen by hoschie Wallpaper puenktchen :iconhoschie:hoschie 2,737 233 +Blood Please+ by Diamond-Shakira +Blood Please+ :icondiamond-shakira:Diamond-Shakira 3 30 Please, Just Let Me Go by KennedyxxJames Please, Just Let Me Go :iconkennedyxxjames:KennedyxxJames 134 16
Semi colon, close bracket
There are only so many smiles you can fake,
Before they just aren't convincing anymore;
And it is only when I tried to convince myself,
That I fell, crying, to the floor.
I lay there, curled up in a ball right now,
Drowning in a puddle of my never ending tears,
Brought on my own great stupidity,
And continued by my fears.
But I'll keep smiling, large and wide,
If for no one else then for me,
Because that is just who I am,
In front of people I will smile for eternity.
I don't want to, it just happens,
The smile creeps across my face,
Until I am alone once more,
Where the frown reclaims its rightful place.
I'll keep smiling because no one can tell,
Which are real and which not so,
And as long as they think it is real,
I am fine being the only one to know.
I had to stop smiling for a while,
I couldn't hold on much longer.
But now I am back, smiling again.
Now I am back, and I am stronger.
:iconrlh1994:rlh1994 4 4
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Wow.  Has it really been this long?  I knew I was getting busy with work and deviantArt was falling by the wayside, but sweet evil Jesus, I've been gone for more than two years!!! I guess those 4,890 Deviations were my first clue.

I'm back!!!!  I suddenly realized about a week ago that I've been writing here and there, but I didn't really have an outlet for them completely.  They were just stuck in my writing notebook, waiting for sweet release into the eyeballs of you all!  But I missed dA.  I realized that too, last week, and really wanted to come back and STAY here, finally.  

I felt a little out of place here before because I'm only a writer, can't draw worth crap, and dA definitely works for the artist's dimensions more than the writer's, but I still like a place to post my stuff and get some feedback and just to know that it is reachable for other's to read and know.  What's the point in writing if there's nobody reading?  So I felt a little out of the dA loop, and then I moved back to Illinois and posted some here and there, but I had a really demanding job and a long-ass commute, so pretty soon writing was a distant dream.  Now I'm in Utah, and have more free time and feeling really creative!    

Anyhoo, I'll post something and get a handle on all these deviations, so get used to seeing my face, cuz it's really not going anywhere this time =^.^=
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Go--Don't you go
Stay with me one more day
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If we get through one more night


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Personal Quote: “Great art communicates before it’s understood.”


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