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My Bio
Hey there! Nothing very special to see here. I'm learning how to draw and will sometimes post a drawing or two if they don't look too crappy. There are also a few screenshots from The Sims 3 if you'd like to check them out.
Florida Deviant Stamp by Ursa-Bear - Stamp by: Ursa-Bear
Yet Another Llama Stamp by Feralem - Stamp by: Feralem
Favourite stamp by emocx - Stamp by: Emocx
Not How It Works by CassidyPeterson - Stamp by: CassidyPeterson
I fav to much by HavickArt - Stamp by: HavickArt
:thumb530632637: - Stamp by: CassidyPeterson
:thumb530631105: - Stamp by: CassidyPeterson
Stamp 003 by nvs911 - Stamp by: nvs911

Art Conspiracy by genkistamps - Stamp by: Genkistamps
Thanks for the Fave 3::Stamp:: by Zayix - Stamp by: Zayix
:thumb411966571: - Stamp by: CassidyPeterson
I'm Not Jelly of Art Thieves by Kaishiru - Stamp by: Kaishiru

I Love Music Stamp by Viper-mod - Stamp by: Viper-mod
music... by AnimeFan12deathnote - Stamp by: AnimeFan12deathnote
Music is my lifeline by pjuk - Stamp by: Pjuk
:thumb76750640: - Stamp by: goldberry2000
Within Temptation Stamp WT by Lady-Kiwi - Stamp by: Lady-Kiki
Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-Rose - Stamp by: Kezzi-Rose
Evanescence Stamp by Erameline - Stamp by: Erameline
Stop comparing....stamp by dreamwriter2010 - Stamp by: dreamwriter2010
:thumb243131510: - Stamp by: Monster-Boar
Stamp: Audiomachine by Nawamane - Stamp by: Nawamane
I Love Celtic Music Stamp by Hemuvel - Stamp by: Hemuvel
Green Day stamp by 5-3-10-4 - Stamp by: 5-3-10-4
Stamp - Seether by ElvenAngel - Stamp by: ElvenAngel
:thumb96029258: - Stamp by: SilverStream1
Disturbed Stamp by Kezzi-Rose - Stamp by: Kezzi-Rose

:thumb490189968: - Stamp by: Little-rolling-bean
.~Super Smash Bros. for Wii U stamp~. by Bunny-Pinkcess - Stamp by: ThePinkMarioPrincess
Timbre Super Mario Galaxy by LeDrBenji - Stamp by: LeDrBenji
Super Mario 3D World Stamp by Team-Lava - Stamp by: Team_Lava
Mario Kart 8 stamp by Officer-Luke - Stamp by: Officer-Luke
Shy Guy Stamp by DumblyDoor - Stamp by: DumblyDoor
fairy tail stamp by HavickArt - Stamp by: HavickArt
Stamp-Natsu by SunforJanuary - Stamp by: SunforJanuary
STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz - Stamp by: Emotikonz
YouTube by angelkittin - Stamp by: angelkittin
:thumb337511598: - Stamp by: CatthyLove
I love Vampires :Stamp: by Shelby-is-Crazy - Stamp by: Shelby-is-Crazy
Anti Sparkle Anti Twilight by ShadedSorrow - Stamp by: ShadedSorrow
I Love Alien's :Stamp: by Shelby-is-Crazy - Stamp by: Shelby-is-Crazy

Favourite Movies
Queen of The Damned, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Jurassic Park
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Evanescence, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, etc...
Favourite Books
Can't decide this one
Favourite Writers
Kerrelyn Sparks, Kiera Cass Lynsay Sands
Favourite Games
Super Mario Galaxy, Watch Dogs, Just Dance games, The Last Story, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Other Interests
Music, Reading, Writing, Gaming


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You're welcome! :)
{I missed you, too. :) }
A small smile forms on my face and I nod my head in agreement with Naga. "You're perfectly alright. And anyway, it's Lucine, she'll be happy to help. Like, maybe she could use her magic to conjure up some images? Or make a little bubble for you for you don't have to touch any water."
Mario Form 43 - Naga
{*Arises from the freaking dead once again* Hi.}
I sigh and try to think of a way to make it up to him. "Maybe Lucine can help. I could ask her if you want."
Mario Form 43 - Naga
"Are you sure you'd be alright in the water, though?" I ask softly. The ocean's not like a bathtub, it's much bigger and basically has a mind of its own. 
Mario Form 43 - Naga
"I did say that." I remind Beta. Well, not exactly that, I phrased it a bit differently. "Maybe it's the way I phrased it. If the water's too much of an isue for you, I can just see if I can find Brooke or Calder. They live there so they can answer any questions you have."
Mario Form 43 - Naga